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Cactus Cactus 07-09-2005 03:05 AM

set up for 8 tabling
I want to play 8 tables, but I am not sure which set up I should do. I have an inspirion 9300 with screen res of 1900 x 1200. I can only fit 4 on here so I am going ot have to expand. Is it possible to buy another monitor (huge one) where you can fit 8???

Mr_J 07-10-2005 09:23 AM

Re: set up for 8 tabling
No, the res needed for 8 on one screen with no overlap would be huge. You could fit 9 on a 2000x1500 screen but it'd have quite a bit of overlap.

Why not just by a 1600x1200 and plug it into your laptop and use both screens? That's what nearly every other 8 tabler does.

GreedyGecko 07-11-2005 12:28 AM

Re: set up for 8 tabling
I multi-table, playing up to 12 tables simultaneously across three monitors. I basically do 4 per monitor, at whatever the highest resolution is for each. I would think that this would be your best bet, rather than trying to fit all on 1 monitor. A couple of smaller screens would be more cost effective and ultimately more versitile for everyday computer use.

You can read about my setup here.

Just my two cents.

The Greedy Gecko
PokerGreed Blog

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