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Guittars 12-31-2005 03:55 PM

A table full of multitablers...
A little while ago, I played about 3 hands of $100 NLHE 6-handed on FullTilt. After first sitting down, I looked up each player on search to see who was multitabling... turned out four of my five opponents were multitabling, some playing as many as six tables.

So first things first... strategy change!

I realized my highest +EV play would come be blind stealing, as these guys were all looking for a certain set of hands preflop, and they wouldn't be holding those hands too often. Also, most of their hands, like small PPs, needed to hit the flop, so if they called the raise I could bet the flop and take it down a high percentage of the time. Finally, I could save a great deal of money with my legitimate hands when they are beat because I can put the multitablers on a very narrow range of hands.

Anyways, my 3rd hand... holding KQs on the cutoff, i put in a raise, and get a call from the BB(6-tabler). The flop comes AKQ rainbow, and my opponent pushes all-in, making a ridiculous overbet. AK, AQ, JT, maybe even some kind of set? Easy fold. He's not putting his whole stack on the line on a bluff, hoping that I'm too weak to call. He's hoping I'm one of the many fish who can't fold a hand because their opponent made the "suspicious" overbet. If he was bluffing, he'll get whats coming to him anyway, seeing that the 10xpot bluff would have -EV.

I left the table, deciding to go find a couple of trout somewhere else instead. It's always more amusing to see someone put money in with a second best hand, suckout or no suckout. However, I wondered to myself...

Who has more +EV at my table, me or the multitabler? While I won't be winning too many big pots from the multi- with the exception of outflopping a big pair or some unusual circumstances, who will have the edge in the long run?

My first impressions say me, mainly because I won't make alot of mistakes based on what my opponents are holding, while they are more likely to make mistakes when folding the blinds to a steal or getting their big pair crushed.

However, I'd like a more experienced player's input.

NOTE: The game is NLHE, I realize my edges would probably be much smaller in a limit game against multitablers.

Gregg777 12-31-2005 05:56 PM

Re: A table full of multitablers...
You would have to be a pretty poor player to not have an advantage over most multi tablers. They simply play too straightforward.

If you're in doubt, datamine some tables for a while then watch em on PT. It's pretty eye opening...

12-31-2005 06:03 PM

Re: A table full of multitablers...
idunno if this is specific to NL, but i doubt its correct in general. LHE multitablers a) are more likely to be winning players than those who play 1 table and b) often make use of a suite of software (PT, PAHUD, etc) which IMHO compensates well for the lack of attention you seem to think they are paying to individual players.

Arnfinn Madsen 12-31-2005 06:50 PM

Re: A table full of multitablers...
I think what you mainly can take advantage of is that since you see them multitable, you can assume they are TAGs (since most multitablers are). If they neither know your style/abilities nor know that you know they are TAGs, you can get a decent edge until they discover.

mshalen 12-31-2005 07:25 PM

Re: A table full of multitablers...
The first time I tried to multitable was playing three $100 PLO tables on Stars. I almost wet myself laughing when I noticed that 5 of the other players were at all three tables. I tightened up for a while but the game was so rockish that I went to play at another site.

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