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X-Man 12-22-2005 02:30 PM

Cashout,move up????????
I play mostly 1-5 table SnG's part-time as I have a day job(including turbos)varying between $6.50 up to the 22's and the odd 33 and 55 and usually cash out about $800-$1000 when I hit 2K,but after winning a MTT this afternoon I find myself with 3K and am torn between cashing out 2K and staying at the levels where I am doing well or moving up to the games where this could actually earn more than my regular job(which some days happens).What can you suggest with this B/R....or is my head in the clouds from my 1st place MTT finish.I think we all think we are better than we are after taking one down.Thanks in advance [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

12-22-2005 02:34 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
a 3K bankroll is certainly plenty to play at the 33s if you feel allright playing there... but generally i wouldn't let a bankroll derived 2/3 from one MTT influence your STT game selection. play where you feel comfortable.

Hendricks433 12-22-2005 02:41 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
Id cash out 1K and keep 2K in there and play the $22's consistently. MTT finishes always put you on cloud 9 and make you feel like your the next Phil Ivey or whatever. Do you keep track of your stats?

handsome 12-22-2005 02:42 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
Cashing out = negative feedback loop. Stop doing it.

zipppy 12-22-2005 02:46 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
Cashing out = negative feedback loop. Stop doing it.

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't understand this post.

[img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] [img]/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]zipppy

X-Man 12-22-2005 02:59 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
Quote:Cashing out = negative feedback loop. Stop doing it.

Can you please explain this comment to me?????

Surely we all play to cashout.

12-22-2005 03:01 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
I think he's saying that stars is rigged.

OP moving up doesn't nessicarily mean you'll be raking in the money. But it also should stop you from trying.

X-Man 12-22-2005 03:03 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
If Stars is rigged we all still have the same chance of sucking out though ....don't we??

X-Man 12-22-2005 03:07 PM

Re: Cashout,move up????????
Do you mean that when you cash out you have a bad run...That used to happen to me when I withdrew $$$,but I have now realised that I was just crap at poker back then [img]/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]
Cashing out has nothing to do with winning or losing....I haven't deposited a cent (except to get bonuses) in 2 years.

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