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theBruiser500 12-30-2005 10:50 AM

The OOT Challenge
Here is the ultimate challenge, the OOT challenge. For one day we should aim for 0 posts in OOT. Is it possible? Maybe not. Some people call me a dreamer but we will never know if we don't try it. To raise awareness of this we can keep bumping this thread and a few days before THE DAY we can make a couple new threads and keep it at the top of OOT.

Here is a poll. A simple majority is not enough to go through with this, IMO we need an 80% Yes vote. Then it is fair to request that the No votes go with the general consensus of OOT and push for the No Post day. If we could pull this off, it would be OOT's greatest day, please join me in this quest.

[censored] 12-30-2005 10:51 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
I will do this

samjjones 12-30-2005 10:53 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
I will also pledge to donate $1 for every post I would have made on the given day to the American Cancer Society.

Toro 12-30-2005 10:54 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
Virtually impossible.

TheWorstPlayer 12-30-2005 10:54 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
I think this idea is awesome. But I think people should still be allowed to communicate to other OOTiots on that day by ninja-bumping threads. This will hopefully cause people to dig up old funny posts to ninja bump and I will be reminded of old threads that I enjoyed or I will be pointed to old threads that I missed. This could be the perfect day to READ OOT.

theBruiser500 12-30-2005 10:54 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
This is no piddling matter samjjones, it should be more like $100 for every post.

mrkilla 12-30-2005 10:56 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
The problem isnt going to be the regulars, well maybe, Its the Noob's or people from the other parts of this forum that will come in and mess it up.

I don't think its possible, it be like trying to reach 0 Degress kelvin, you'll get close but never there.

theBruiser500 12-30-2005 10:58 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
Virtually impossible.

[/ QUOTE ]

Do not bring this movement down Toro with your pessimism. POSITIVE THINKING, visualize it and it will happen. If we think it can't be done it won't be done, if we think it can be done it will be done. WE WILL TRIUMPH. WE CAN AND WILL REALIZE THIS AWESOME GOAL.

pokerdirty 12-30-2005 11:14 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
I believe this was sort of suggested once, when the [censored] bannings began, just to screw with some n00bs. The suggestion was to have a 15 minute period on a certain day, where no one would post in OOT, and they would get banned. This is like that, only without the bannings (or will it...), and for a much longer period of time. I will do it, but don't do it on a weekday!

diebitter 12-30-2005 11:17 AM

Re: The OOT Challenge
Okay, this seems a bit broken pencil to me

Why, exactly? or even approximately?

It does seem to be the sort of thing groups of losers do to 'empower themselves'

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