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xorbie 11-20-2005 06:54 PM

SSNL Digest (11/20)
Some of the more interesting hands and threads from the past couple weeks.

AK OOP: Strong hand on a draw heavy board OOP as the PF raiser.

New to 6 max: Interesting discussion of 6 max hand reading.

AJs: Good discussion of raising vs calling PF against loose raisers and calelrs with position, as well as postflop play.

Is this a value bet?: Value betting the river against a tricky player.

One pair in a huge pot: Like the title says. Overpair witha ton of action.

AA on xxy board: AA on paired board, always interesting.

AA OOP and deep stacks: Interesting hand.. I think I played it less than ideally.

MHNL Advice #3: Another great thread.

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