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water16 07-16-2005 10:58 PM

DoylesRoom problem!
Today I joined two tables at the .25/.50 limit with a $10. buy-in at both. When I sat down my account balance was at $231.32. I wasnít doing that well at either table and left one called Guru close to $5.00 down (I donít know the exact amount). I played on at the other, My Fair Lady, and ended up winning a little over $14.00. The last time I checked with their cashier my balance was a little over $241. I left the table without getting involved in another hand. I hit the refresh button at the cashier window to get an update on my AP (action points) that I keep track of because Iím trying to earn a deposit bonus. My balance showed as $217.00. I contacted a ďManagerĒ who told me tech support would have to deal with my problem and not to worry. However, the difference is $24.00 and Iím not very happy. Has anyone else had problems with DoylesRoom?

dogsballs 07-16-2005 11:14 PM

Re: DoylesRoom problem!
check a few mins later. sometimes their s'ware's a bit slow to update the lobby etc, so mebbe same with the cashier

water16 07-17-2005 08:59 PM

Re: DoylesRoom problem!
Seven e-mails, including attached hand histories and a spreadsheet I keep of my activities on DoylesRoom, got me a complete refund of the shortage I suffered. So, to their credit DoylesRoom made right on the mistake. I've asked for an explanation for how the mistake happened, but so far have not recieved one.

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