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pipster 12-22-2005 02:47 PM

Poker Rate at Harrah\'s New Orleans?

I hear Harrah's is reopening in time for Mardi Gras. Anyone know if they used to have a poker rate there? And if so what it was?

12-22-2005 03:58 PM

Re: Poker Rate at Harrah\'s New Orleans?
I don't think they had a hotel at the casino prior to Katrina, but one is in the works.

ckmo 12-22-2005 04:32 PM

Re: Poker Rate at Harrah\'s New Orleans?
yea no hotel there, one was in the process of being built but I think there were some set backs with the hurricane. Not sure on the official open date.

feelixthegreek 12-23-2005 03:15 AM

Re: Poker Rate at Harrah\'s New Orleans?
That had deals with area hotels to put up players, I believe, but I cannot imagine them giving anyone anything during Mardi Gras, though, no matter how dysfunctional the holiday is going to be next year.

Work continues on their new hotel. I bet they're loving that capital investment right now.

LittleOldLady 12-23-2005 03:29 AM

Re: Poker Rate at Harrah\'s New Orleans?
Harrah's did not have a hotel and was indeed in the process of building one when the hurricane struck. They did have the policy of comping people with rooms in nearby hotels. However, at the moment housing is very tight in New Orleans, and the available rooms are being used largely to house essential workers. Supposedly trailers will be brought in by FEMA in the next few weeks to house both essential workers and the general public wishing to return to the city to work on their houses. Depending on how fast the trailers are set up (the locations have just been approved by the mayor after much wrangling and NIMBY-ing), the hotel room situation may ease by Mardi Gras--or not. Remembering that it is FEMA's job to get the trailers up and running, I wouldn't hold my breath. I also wouldn't expect any wonderful free/cheap housing deals for poker players at Harrah's any time soon.

pipster 12-23-2005 09:59 AM

Re: Poker Rate at Harrah\'s New Orleans?
Sounds like I am staying at the relatives... I was hoping to avoid that cheaply. 2 Small kids and a single Mom, not exactly "come in at 5 AM and sleep until 2 PM" situation. I was hoping to get a Tunica-ish 40-50 dollar room... oh well.

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