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Blarg 12-30-2005 09:44 AM

Re: FILM REVIEW: The Fly (1986)
J.G. Ballard, the writer of the original "Crash" whose name got ripped, was a very interesting sci-fi writer who could actually write and write very well, a real rarity in the genre. I hope we one day see some more of his stuff brought to film. I can't say I loved all of it, but his high points were pretty f*cking magnificent.

Haven't seen either version of Crash ATM. Read the first one, but it seemed untranslateable to film.

Re Goldblum - I'd love to see him in a role as good as The Fly again. We shouldn't have to put up with so many lesser stars when he's around. Typecasting can be ruinous.

Ulysses 12-30-2005 02:41 PM

Re: FILM REVIEW: The Fly (1986)

I am a big fan of your reviews! Keep 'em coming!

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