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Sheriff Fatman 03-12-2004 06:52 PM

Europe vs USA event

In case some of you have missed the early discussion on the 'My 2+2 SnG suggestion' thread (which kind of got hijacked) we are looking to set up a 'Nation' vs 'Nation' event to maximise the jingoistic trash-talking on the site. The initial suggestion was for a Europe vs USA event (probably because the American's have accepted that they'll never see the Ryder Cup again) but I'm potentially looking to expand on this if there is enough 'global' interest.

At present I'm looking for expressions of interest in playing in something of this nature. The plan is very much at the early stages at present so I'm also open to all suggestions as to format, structure, etc.

I've set up a thread in the Zoo (Internet Forum) for people to post their thoughts and expressions of interest. I'm also happy to receive ideas via PM if you prefer. The link to this thread is below.

Hope this is something which we can get off the ground. I think it would prove to be great fun.



Europe vs USA thread in The Zoo

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