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12-23-2005 05:28 PM

Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
On the ambitious tournament schedule that the new Caesar's Palace poker room has put out, one interesting feature is that Wednesday nights at 7 they are going to have a Omaha high tourney. I forgot to ask whether this is a Limit or Pot-Limit torurnament (at small stakes, there is more limit than pot-limit Omaha high action in Vegas), but I was really excited to play this. Unfortunately, only 6 people signed up and 2 people paid the entry fee, so the tournament was cancelled. However, this was the first day for this poker room and it is during the slowest time of the year, so more people should show up over the next couple weeks. In addition to the tournament, this is probably our best chance to get PLO cash game action going in Vegas, so I encourage all of you to try to make it the next time you're in Vegas.

A full review of my experience at the Caesar's Palace poker room is available on RGP (I'm having trouble finding it in Google Groups to do a link.)

Spellmen 12-23-2005 08:13 PM

Re: Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
Bahh, I just left Vegas. Best chance for a game is probably the Wynn, there were 8 or 9 on the list for PLO last Friday but I was meeting some people and didn't have time to see if the game ever got going

FeliciaLee 12-23-2005 09:40 PM

Re: Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
Thanks for the FYI.

Do you have the tourney schedule, by any chance?

12-23-2005 10:40 PM

Re: Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
Not the full schedule, but its available on

12-28-2005 12:18 PM

Re: Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
I'll have to check out the tourney tonight. I haven't seen the room yet. As far as low-mid cash games go, the Wynn has been willing to get the game going whenever there are players to play it. I have been bussy with other things and out of town so I haven't had a chance to play on weekends but I hope the game has still been going. It was going at some point in the night almost every Fri Sat and Sun.

FeliciaLee 12-28-2005 01:37 PM

Re: Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
I'll get there as soon as I can. Glenn's last night dealing is tonight (thank god). Then we are headed up to Vegas from Laughlin (90 minutes north), barring any unforeseen health setback today. Probably not in time to play the tourney, but I'll check out the room nevertheless.

Still don't know if it's PLO or LO, and my butt is too lazy to call and ask, lol.

FeliciaLee 12-30-2005 02:56 PM

Re: Omaha High tourney at Caesar\'s Palace
I was unable to find anyone who could tell me if the tourney was slated to be PLO or LO, ugh. I asked and asked. I called several times.

Finally, someone yesterday told me they hadn't even spread the tourney. By "popular demand" they were forced to make it NLHE. She couldn't tell me whether it was PLO or LO either, lol.

Looks like it's not gonna happen [img]/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img]

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