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12-09-2005 11:28 PM

Nearing Bubble in tourny
I ran into this hand earlier today in a tournament on


355 people in the tourny fighting for 1000 dollar seats in the upcoming tournament. Down to 20 people, I've got a mid size stack of 20,000. Chip leader has 70,000 but is over 2x everyone else. Blinds are big and people are stealing like crazy.


I'm in the BB with 8's. Folds to MP2 who min raises, button calls, I push all in thinking they would both fold as they had been doing the last few hands. We all have similar stakes. MP1 folds and Button calls.

Did I over play my hand?

Results: In white
<font color="white"> Villian turns over pocket 9's...i'm out. </font>

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