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SmileyPSU 01-05-2005 04:53 AM

Introduction/Bankroll question
Hey all,

I'm new to these forums and just wanted to say hi and make my presence known. I recently graduated from Penn State with a degree in Logistics, and I've always been fascinated with poker. I've been a casual player for the past two years and I'd finally like become more serious with my poker game. I've lurked here on 2+2 for the past few weeks and realized the vast amount of information to be found here. I see what a valuable tool these forms can be and I intend to fully utilize this resource and look forward to hearing everybody's input.

Here goes with my first question...
I have read Homer's post about bonuswhoring to build a bankroll up from $100. I recently deposited $25 into my online account, and am looking to grind out an additional $75 before follwing the steps Homer recommends taking (I could deposit the $100 automatically, but would like to start at $25 in order to reinforce discipline). My first question to you all is what is the most effective way to build up a bankroll when starting with $25? I am patient and I realize tight play is the way to go when starting off building a bankroll, but what games should I be playing? Holdem? Omaha? Omaha Hi-Lo? NL? PL?

Thank you all for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hack 01-05-2005 05:32 AM

Re: Introduction/Bankroll question
Start at low Limit hold em. That is where the most fish are. There are lots of fish at small blind No limit hold em as well, but you're not adequately bankrolled for that yet and most players start with limit first. I'd go to Stars and play on their microlimit tables, .02/.04 and .05/.10. 25 is more than enough to play on .02/.04 and once you build your 25 up to 30 you can move to .05/.10 and then once you get to 150, .25/.50. Once you get to 300 you can start all the Bonus stuff homer talks about, and get into Party .50/1 ASAP.

You'd like to have 300 Big Bets at each limit before moving up. That's why I said to start with your 25 at Stars. If you could do 50 it would be better because I think that's the minimum deposit at Stars. Then you would be VERY well bankrolled for the .05/.10 and could get to .25/.50 in the course of a couple of months.

.05/.10 also has the advantage of not being raked(Stars doesn't take any money out of the pots), so the pots you win are bigger.

Post some hands once you get settled, using bison's converter.


smoore 01-05-2005 01:47 PM

Re: Introduction/Bankroll question
Play whatever game you find fish in. O8 played properly takes a smaller bankroll than holdem at any given level. Most 7stud play I've found at the microlimits is worse than HE play. Having said that, the staggering amount of fish in micro limit HE makes those games particularly attractive.

Oh, and tight play gets the money forever... not just when starting a bankroll.

Since you're not a rank beginner, I'm going to go ahead and recommend spending another $25 on Small Stakes Hold'em (Miller) available on this website or at fine book retailers everywhere. It revolutionized my limit game.

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