View Full Version : Whale Joke (OT but think of it after a bad beat)

Big Mo
06-15-2004, 03:46 PM
Two mated whales were swimming when the male noticed a ship that he recognized in the distance. The male said to the female, "Honey that boat harpooned and killed my brother we need to exact revenge." She agreed.

They sped up and crashed into the boat. The boat was rocked but did not sink. The female said, "Ow that hurt do I have to do that again?", the male gave her a look and she new the answer.

They went and crashed the boat again and this time the boat began to sink. The female said, "I'm glad that's over I'm really sore now." and the male replied, "Are work isn't done they made it into life boats." The female sighed, "Ok even though I'm sore and worn out I'll make 1 more run with you and break those life boats.

They made their run and broke all of the life boats. The male looked at the female and said, "This isn't good enough lets go eat them." The female gave him a "female" look universal to all species and replied, "Worn out and sore I did everything you asked but here I draw the line, I ain't swallowing no sea men for you or any other whale."