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05-01-2002, 04:36 PM
I make a short road trip to Kansas City this past weekend to practice my limit holdem skills. All we play here is no limit and it is easy to get rusty.

I get to the Ameristar Casino poker room at 10:30 AM and find sign up for the 15/30 Holdem game. The manager said the main game was full but there would be a must move beginning shortly and asked if I wanted to play in another game till it started. I was put in a 3/6 must move game with a kill just as the game was beginning. After being informed it was a Jackpot game I asked one of the locals the specific rules (Boy am I glad I did that). In the first 30 minutes I am up 20 BB and everyone is really friendly so life is good. About this time the list is called for the new 15/30 game. The solid local player on my right declined his seat and I asked him why. He pointed out a husband/ wife "team" whom he will not play with if they are seated next to each other. I consider this information and decline my seat as well when called, after all this 3/6 is pretty juicy so far. I win a couple of consequetive more pots and get called to the main game.

My first hand at this table is AA in the cutoff, I raise and get 3 callers. The flop comes AJJ, it is checked around. Turn is the 8h, I bet 2 callers, the river comes a beautiful J of hearts. It is checked to me, I count the pot and see $32, there must be $30 to qualify for the Jackpot and Aces full of jacks or better with both cards playing must lose to quads or better only one card need play. I know I am beat and check, the EP turns over his QJ, I show my full and he asks how I can check and seems mad as hell untill I tell him we won the jackpot and I was saving $12.

All of a sudden the table is happy to greet me. It turns out the JP is only $1668, still nothing to sneeze at, I get 50%, the pot winner gets 25% and the balance goes to the other 6 players dealt in that hand. Only the 2nd time I have ever played in a JP game so I suppose I am way ahead of the rake. Still it turns out to be a lot better than moving to the 15/30 game!

I tip the dealer $50 and am told this is way too much. How should I know I never win these darn things anyway :-) Never made it to the 15/30 game so I suppose I need to go back again to get that mid limit practice I was seeking.

Everything I touched that day was golden, played craps for an hour and picked up $620 more then just sat down at a Three card Poker table to watch the "silly" game and got talked into playing by the cute dealer. I buy in for a $100 with no clue what to do. I put $5 on ante and pairs and here come the cards. First three hands I make a straight and two flushes. I tip the dealer $10 bucks am still ahead a hunsky and tell the table this game is too easy and away I go!!!

I eat at the seafood buffet compliments of the craps pit boss and drive back home a lot happier, and a little wealthier for the trip.


05-01-2002, 07:46 PM
good to know you didn't bet at all on the river in the jackpot hand. i think id have to bet, at least once. calling the raise of course.

05-01-2002, 08:14 PM
I love playing those 3/6 games at Ameristar; it sounds like you sat in the right seat. I was involved in one bad beat jackpot there; I only got a spectator share as Quad aces beat Aces full of jacks. I'm pretty sure I know the husband wife team you saw; I don't much care for playing with them either. I did once take a giant pot down with both of them involved when my Aces actually held up lol.

I do plan on making more time to get over there and play live, so I'd appreciate it if the other 2+2'ers would stay out of the fish pond... lol. Actually, I got turned on to 2+2 by a guy I was playing with over there, so I guess I should be nice... lol

Good luck all,


05-02-2002, 04:02 AM
i don't mean to be a dick, as you are certainly welcome here, and there is no reason that you shouldn't be here. except for the fact that we as poker players shouldn't be educating anybody. i mean, if you come to this site, ok, there is no getting around the fact that you at least know that there is skill in poker. and if you participate here, you will likely increase your own skill. so in one sense, its ok to help each other out, because the cat's already out of the bag by the time you get to this site. but i would personally never tell a soul about 2+2 unless it was a really good friend. no way am i going to have a part in making the games tougher to beat.

05-02-2002, 12:55 PM
interesting point, baggins.

that's one of the reasons I refuse to recruit for my home game on this site. I don't want any of you fools in my game!!

I want the golf pros who bet on sports in my game and they aren't on this site learning anything, I can tell you that!

05-02-2002, 06:24 PM

05-02-2002, 06:26 PM
I don't tell anyone in my 3-6 games about 2+2 or RGP. But I do organize a small bi-weekly low buyin tournament ($25) with a bunch of people who know something about the game for the challenge of playing with aware players once in a while.

05-02-2002, 10:05 PM
There were people at the seminar at the Mirage who had never heard of this website. I was very surprised, but I probably shouldn't have been. They cared enough about poker to go to a 2 hour class, but never bothered to poke around and see what information is out here. I don't talk about the website when I play but I was happy the first time somebody asked around about me by my posting name.(I happened to be two feet away, how about that) In other words, I think discretion is good, paranoia is not warranted. Getting people to play is the main thing. From any big pool there will be a lot you can beat.