View Full Version : Laugh it up while it lasts...

04-29-2002, 11:00 PM
Cuz next year, eLROY will be there.

I live a life of self-deprivation. I don't break the speed limit, I don't turn Master of Puppets up as loud as I might like, and I try not to eat an entire package of raw bacon straight out of the pan before it even starts to curl.

And man did I want to go to the 2+2 Seminar. But I thought, like anything else in life, I'd be able to fight my urges and live it down. Only now that I'm bombarded with all these great stories of how all you nifty people were there, whom I love so much, I am sad.

For the first time in years - maybe the first time since I was too lazy to put my gun on the roof and then the waves were double-overhead glass when I got to Ocean Beach - I feel like I missed out on something that cannot be replaced.

So savor your sweet memories while they last. Because next year, I plan to crash that party.

The desert sun will bleed root beer, and KJ will beat AJ in uninterrupted showdowns for three straight weeks.

And you will all rue the day you posted such tales of wonderment.


P.S. Is it really true that Dynasty bears the great white wings of an ascendant angel? Does Babe really hide a secret stash inside a removable gold tooth? Does Sklansky prize Stephen Hawking's unrecovered stolen first electric wheelchair - complete with voice synthesizer - as part of a secret display in his garage?