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04-27-2002, 11:50 AM
Many 2+2ers and poker mavens were spotted at the Sklansky - Malmuth Q&A yesterday at the Mirage. Linda Johnson, Jim Brier, 3-bet Brett, Bob Morgan, Tommy Angelo, MikeL, Alan Schoonmaker, Barry Tannenbaum, High Desert Poker Man, Vince Lapore, Clarkmeister, Howard, Dynasty and of course, The PokerBabe. Oh yea...Mason and David were there too! Several topics were discussed...bankroll requirements and applying same to your standard deviation, learning 1 vs. many games (sequentially vs. simultaneously), moving up in limits (David suggests 10-20 asap), seating arrangements, tournament strategy, "Gap theory", "game theory, defending big blind, bluffing and poker books. There was a nice turnout and the session lasted 2 hours. See you next year. Babe

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What's Gap Theory?

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Yeah---next year for sure.

But, oh my! Vince and 3 Bet Brett in the same room?

04-27-2002, 06:09 PM
Mr Dude With Question

Everything you wanted to know about the "Gap Theory" but were afraid to ask, can be found in David Sklansky's new tournament book. Sklansky gave a detailed lecture on the gap theory at last year's Q&A also. Of course last year the tournament book was not out yet, so everyone there had sort of a scoop on the gap theory.

If I have time in the next few days, I will try to post a "blow by blow" of all of the question and answers from yesterdays shin dig.

Thanks Mason, David, and Donna for having it. There were a few gems yesterday, that are not in any of the books or in the archives of the forums. David's play against a world class player head's up on a tricky hand was most interesting. As well as the comment about 1 in 100 sessions being the beginning of a 300 big bet losing streak.

All in all a great time had by almost everyone.

Good Luck


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Appreciate the summary. Did David give any reasons for his suggestion to move up to 10-20 ASAP? Thanks.

04-27-2002, 08:56 PM
you read my mind sizeup...as i am in this exact transition period myself. i hope babe or others may weigh in with more on this subject. my guess is that if you are capable of beating the 5-10 and 6-12 game, you should be able to hold your own in the 10-20 with a few adjustments. i have, so far. also since you are not yet a pro, you obviously have other income in the form of a paycheck most likely.thus you can afford to "take a shot" at good games with a less than pro-size bankroll requirements, with out the fear of going broke, and gain valuable experience along the way.

just my two cents- best wishes

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04-28-2002, 01:22 AM
His reason was twofold.

1. The rake and tokes become substantially smaller in relationship to bet size once you move to 10-20.

2. The skills you need to beat LL games are frequently different than those to beat mid limit and higher games. He opined that the only real way to learn to play correctly was to play in a 10-20 where you start to run into some more advanced players.

It should be noted that I fully agree with point #1 and I disagree with point #2. The 6-12 and 8-16 games in Vegas are almost exactly the same as the 10-20 tables, and can occasionally be tougher. I think that David might be correct for non-Vegas locations, however. YMMV.

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Thanks in advance for commiting to do that. That is exactly what I was expecting of Pokerbabe to deliver, but her report was way too short - no item detals included.

I am looking forward to reading your detailed report from S&M Conference in the next few days.


04-28-2002, 06:19 PM
I'm real busy right now, but I'll try to get something posted (on the Q&A) by Wednesday.

Good Luck