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Easy E
05-19-2004, 04:07 PM
I pulled this out of another thread to ask a question of the long-term players.

Mason, I believe that you don't spend enough time at these lowest-limit games to realize how far off poker theory play is from the actual play that occurs out there. At least, based on my experiences, the advice that you give is more effectively applied to the mid-range of betting.

<font color="blue"> It's true that my main game today, when I get a chance to play, is the $80-$160. But for years I was criticized for not playing big. Also, I did start very small.

In addition, even though I moved to Las Vegas in April, 1987, when hold 'em became legal in California a couple of months later, I spent much time over there the rest of the year. These were probably the best games that ever existed, and the largest I played during this period was $10-$20 and I went to Gardena to seek out games where none of the Vegas players had gone. So I'm far more experienced in this area than most of you realize.

best wishes,
Mason </font>

How do the games of 10-15 years ago, primarily the lower-limit games (below $10/20) compare to the play of those same games now?

Has the poker explosion, on TV and in the cardrooms, along with the latest big wave of poker books, significantly altered the play and strategy of the lower limit game?

Or is the current atmosphere more aptly compared to the recyling in the fashion world?

I'd especially value the comments from players who have played low-limit during both time periods, though that may be tough to get (good players usually move up, bad ones bust out)

05-20-2004, 04:13 PM
How do the games of 10-15 years ago, primarily the lower-limit games (below $10/20) compare to the play of those same games now?

[/ QUOTE ]

I can't speak for conditions in the rest of the country, but In Ct. I have been playing in the 5-10 HE games since the mid 90's. There was a time when that game was a virtual rock garden on any given day with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights.

But things started to change after Rounders. You started to see more college kids on the weekend and during the summer and holidays. And today with huge exposure poker gets on T.V., it's hard to find a bad game.

I wouldn't be suprised to hear similar stories from people playing in different areas around the country. Though I'd be interested to hear how the vegas and CA games have evolved since the poker explosion given that good games were already fairly easy to find.