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05-14-2004, 01:10 PM
Wife has annual company meeting at the Venetian from May 16-20, which I will be using as a poker vacation.

Since the wife will be busy for much of the week, I would love meet some of you Vegas 2+2ers (and, of course, any of you who are also in town). Not sure how I would go about seeking you guys out, but I'll likely be back and forth between Bellagio (4-8 and 8-16), Binion's (to soak up a little live WSOP action and maybe play a satellite or two), and maybe a few other rooms. I'm 6-2, short brown hair, wear glasses, and will generally be wearing a NY Yankees or Notre Dame ballcap, so please don't hesitate to come up and say hi. I can often be overheard lamenting the state of ND football or talking smack about how the hope held by Red Sox fans year in and year out amuses me.

I plan to spend at least one day just wandering around, maybe collecting a variety of casino chips, and perhaps checking out some of the off-the-strip casinos that I've never been to (Orleans, Station casinos, etc.). Any recommendations?

As far as seeking out games, I generally play at 3-6 level online and have ranged from 2-4 to 6-12 in B&M cardrooms. I plan to make Bellagio's 4-8 my main game on the trip, but would like to broaden my horizons a bit and maybe take a shot or two at a bigger game (10-20 is probably as high as I'd go). Any suggestions for the best games in the 4-8 to 6-12 range, aside from Bellagio? What's my best bet if I sack up and hit a 10-20 table?

I know these are frequently asked questions, but I'd appreciate hearing if any of you Vegas locals and/or vets have favorites during WSOP season. Thanks in advance for any tips, and I hope to meet as many of you as possible next week!

Vegas, baby, here I come!

05-15-2004, 10:09 AM

The Orleans action is generally quite good at all levels, and the 10-20 there would be a nice one for you.

IF you want to rendevous, PM me and we can meet there.


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