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05-12-2004, 06:32 PM

Tis the past time of anglers such as my illustrious self. Dun been fishin' since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Gonna keep fishin' till the day I die. The Poker Gods meant it to be that way.

The best thing about fishin' lately has been taking my little 3 year old nephew "little Dan" fishin' down at the creek. There aint nothin' like fishin' for sunnies and bass with worms and a bobber, or even with just bread balls and a bobber. Hell, the last time we went, the little bugger caught ELEVEN sunnies in less than an hour!! But this aint really no major feat, hell, the bugger caught his first fish when he was barely two. He's even learned how to tell FISH TALES... Just ask him how big that fish he caught was! He holds his little hands up at least triple the biggest one he caught! He's learnin!

So anyway, recently I went with my bro down to the coast, the gulf of mexico, looking for reds, trouts, and moby dick. We spent most of the time in laguna madre, a 400 mile long, 20-40 mile wide, very shallow bay that's between mainland texas and padre island.

It was windy as hell. Steady 35 MPH winds the entire three days. But you think this will stop us from fishin? Hell no McFly! We will fish in anything (other than a hurricane or lightning storm!). The wind didn't even die down at night, where we spent a great deal of our fishin' time.

So the first day twas started around 9am. BEER RUN! The breakfast of champions! Twas fun trying to launch the boat with our buddy (my mother's ex, Warren, about 75 years old, half deaf and just as blind, and still a little shell shocked from Korea and Vietnam) backing the boat down a VERY steep boat ramp. I was in the boat and got it started quickly. Twas nearly no problem at all once I got into the 35 MPH steady wind to keep from spilling my beer! Hell, I'm an EXPOIT mariner!

So I pull the boat alongside the dock and we load up the coolers, rods, brewskies etc and head out. But Warren, we have no bait! He says "no problem, we will find a shrimp boat." So away................. from the dock we go............ without bait............... no bait Warren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But alas, the old guy may be old, be he aint dumb. A shrimper appears in the distance, and towards the rotting old mexican green boat we a go! We pull up alongside and Warren starts yelling in Spanish some gibberish (that this northern ass white boy will never understand). But sure enough, Warren tells me to get out the bait $$, $10. They dump us about three friggin' quarts of shrimp, which would cost more like about $24 at the dock.

Go Warren! Go Warren!

So away we go! Fishin!!!!!!!!!!

The waves in Laguna Madre are a steady 3' high, and we must pass every spectrum of angle to them on our trek into the heart of the laguna, where the biggest fish naturally are... you know, the old fisherman's thingie where the biggest fish are obviously all the way out in the very middle....

So onward we trek. We're all about covered with stanky salt water, and a little bit o' beer by the time we get to "the channel." Well, the "channel" is like barely deep enough to keep a flat bottom boat like ours from getting stuck in the mud, but there is a definite outline between the green water of the channel and the outskirts of the grassy shallows. We try drift fishing with pop bobbers for a while, and whatta you know!!!!!!!!


felt a pang late one afternoon
I was fishin' off Derby's with Larry LaLonde
Grabbed a tuna salad sandwich and started to chew
perty soon Ler's yellin'
fish on! fish on!


Oops that was Primus!

Anyway, fish on! Next thing you know, it's fish the #$^$ on! We catch a few fish, nothing really spectacular, a couple small reds, a trout or two, a couple junkfish, etc. We head back into the dock and get some killer mexican food at a place you probably wouldn't eat at, just from the looks of the outside of the building! Just let Warren order for you in spanish, and you'll be fine!

Later that night...

We head back into the darkness... still a steady 35 MPH wind... small craft advisories going for days... but no fear! We are all EXPOIT mariners! Seafarers extraordinaire! Plus, we have plenty of BEER!

We maneuver our way around the pilings and keep track of the markers and lights so we can find our way back later. No problemo. I've been boating since I was a little kid, our grandfather taught both me and my bro on the great egg bay when we used to go boating with him out of somers point, NJ. I know what the hell I am doing!

The only "small problem" is that Warren is 75 years old, half blind, half deaf, and it's his boat we're on. So he insists on driving, event tho he OBVIOUSLY can't see SQUAT in the dark! No biggie, right? Well... after running aground a couple of times... we arrive at the fishin' hole!

There is never any REAL danger, as you could probably walk all the way across all 40 miles of laguna madre without ever getting your chin wet, but it's still a little exciting when there's a TOUCH of danger!

So a fishin' we go. It's night time now, so we anchor on the edge of the channel, which is surprisingly visible under the starlight on a nearly new moon. -crack- Beer!

So we're a fishin' and a drinkin'...

Next thing you know...

Fish on!


I was just a little kid and it was derby day
it was dad and me and Darrel out on San Pablo bay
taco flavored doritos and my orange life vest
Dad caught a hundred pound sturgeon on 20 pound test
now he fought that fish for bout an hour and a half
Darrel said "jump ye son o' bitch" as he grabbed for the gaff
when we got him in the boat he measured six feet long
I was so dang impressed I had to write a song...
called Fish on!


Oops.... that was Primus again!

Anyway tho... Fish on!

My bro caught a fish! He fought that SOB for about half an hour... or maybe it was more like two minutes...

Twas a friggin' hardhead!

Back he goes!

So we keep on a fishin...

Next thing you know, we have all caught a few fish! Nuthin' big, just a few small reds, a couple junk fish, and a skip jack or two. But hey, a bad day fishin' is still better than a good day workin!

Next thing you know tho... Fish on!

My bro has a real friggin' fish this time! Fish on!

After a good long fight, he reels in a nice 27" red. We eat tonight!

My own claim to fame on this trip was only a fat friggin hard head, damn thing was almost as long as the friggin boat! /images/graemlins/grin.gif

But as I said before, and will say again...

A bad day fishin' is still better than a good day workin!

Fish on!

So on the way back, we got suck in the sand bars twice more, because ol' Warren was too blind to drive, too deaf to listen to my saying "LEFT!! LEFT!!" and too stubborn to let me drive. That's OK, the water was pretty warm, about 68 degrees, the beer was plenty cold, and I didn't mind getting out and pushing the boat off the sand bars. After all, it's fishin!

OK. So I promised a poll... here it is!

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05-12-2004, 06:36 PM
As usual, your perspectives add SO much to the forums! I am SO glad we are the best of friends! I bet they call you "Mr. Fun" in real life!

Keep up the good work!


p.s. I can still lend you that buck if you want! /images/graemlins/grin.gif

05-12-2004, 11:01 PM

I'm really surprised knowing about your distaste of my adopted state that you came down to Texas to go fishing. /images/graemlins/tongue.gif


05-13-2004, 09:57 AM
well I got family in tx, i keep begging them to leave but....

actually the fishin' off corpus or south padre is pretty good.


05-13-2004, 06:15 PM
actually the fishin' off corpus or south padre is pretty good.

I agree; lived in Corpus from '91-'94.....played lots of golf and caught tons of fish. /images/graemlins/grin.gif


La Brujita
05-13-2004, 07:33 PM
Heck I thought it was a pretty good read.