View Full Version : Poker room in MI near IL/IN border?

04-19-2002, 06:23 PM
I was playing at Soaring Eagle in MI (we drove from Chicago because it was the closest place that allowed 18+ to play poker). Some guy told me that there was a place much closer that also had a decent poker room and didn't require 21ness. Does anyone know about this?

Thanks much.

04-19-2002, 08:44 PM
not that i know of. i drove to soaring eagle too, when my underage friends wanted to play. i don't know of any casinos closer to play if you are under 21. you could always try to get into the casino anyway. i know i don't get carded there, and im only 23. they didn't card my friend and he was 20 a couple times we went there. i think you are ok as long as you get past the security getting on the boat. unless you look really young, nobody's going to question you. if you do look young though, be careful. your chips aren't safe until you change them for cash. if you are caught playing underage, it could cost you.

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im from chicago too. i used to live on the north side (foster and kimball), but now i live in the southwest boondocks (lockport). i still hang out a bit on the north side. are you in school? do you have a home game?

email me at: baggins99@hotmail.com and let me know more about any home games if you do.