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04-17-2002, 12:22 AM
Who else thinks that

The low-limit games in Los Angeles have been slowed down by the extra $1 the house now takes to fund the jackpots?

On average the Los Angeles dealers are the best, especially the Female Asian ones, they are courteous, efficient and some of them are darn cute, (I'm allowed to say that because my wife of 28 years is a cute female asian).

The Commerce has perhaps the most versatile menu around.

Hawaiian Gardens made a good move in changing their jackpot to aces full of 10's (or better) being beaten by four of a kind (or better). The 6/12 - 8/16 hold'em jackpot was up to $53,000 on Monday. When I arrived Monday morning there was no "yellow chip" games going, all the top section players were playing 6/12 or 8/16 (and complaining about the cards being played by the regular 6/12 and 8/16 players). In fact by Monday afternoon there must have been 8 6/12 games going and 4 8/16 games.

The floor staff at the "Bike" go out of their way to be friendly and helpful.

Low Limit players in Los Angeles (LL in LA?) have their own hand rankings - all pairs and "sooted" cards are in Group 1, the rest of the hands are in Group 2.

When you are running bad everybody out draws you, and when you are running good nobody calls you.

The only place that you should use valet parking is Hollywood Park.

The problem with Crystal Park is its location (or is it the Management?) if neither then what?

The hold'em tables at the Hustler are too small for 9 players.

You get more Sushi for the dollar at the Commerce than at any Japanese Restaurent including those in Little Tokoyo.

You should wait until after noon to order noodles at Hawaiian Gardens (allegedly that's when the "good" cook starts his shift).

You should go to the Commerce during the day for a good hair cut. There is a very nice Vietnamese lady there who always does a good job, and she always has her TV on the business channel.

Most of the posts on this forum are excellent however some are only marginal, this post fits into the latter.

Thanks, Jim

04-17-2002, 12:59 AM
regarding the female asian dealers in CA:

i don't want to group all of them in together, because that just aint right and it aint cool, but when i played there, the problems i had with dealers were almost exclusively with the female asian dealers. i had to explain many times the fact that my kicker entitled me to an entire pot and not to a chop with a weaker kicker (or, conversely that, though my other card wasn't as big as my opponents, the board kickers played and we DID chop.) not huge problems, mind you. easily solvable. but this shouldn't come up as much as it did. just relating my experience.