View Full Version : Vince Lepore Heart gets broken!!!

04-03-2002, 07:06 AM
Rumor has it back in Vegas town that poor Vince had his heart broken when he got back to his prime stomping grounds at Foxwoods. Dreaming of all the bundles of cash he has been making off the poor Vegas Professionals. He could not believe his miss fortune of losing his first day back. Tell me it is not so Vince. Rumor has it he woke up in a sweat and can hardly wait to stomp on the poor boys when he gets back to Vegas. Travelocity was down his travel agent was closed for easter but eventually he got a ticket. Rumor has it you will make a grand return on April 15. Hosh has been putting his nickels together in order to be able to play but is not excited to see the opposition return. Can you boys in Foxwoods tie him to a post in Mystic or something. Or figure out a tell other then when his lips move on a contraversial subject. Please help us stop him from running off our AAA plus rated fish.

04-04-2002, 12:52 AM
Won't be getting there till Sunday- maybe he'll have driven off all the easy pickings!!!!

Not to worry; if he's been lashed to one of the

piers in Mystic, I'll cut him free, so we can go

north and terrorise the western interlopers!!!!

TJ, McEvoy, et al, look out!!