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04-03-2002, 03:10 AM
In a four hour time period I had the nut flush draw eleven times that I can count. Maybe more for that matter, but after having the nut flush draw so many times in a single session it was getting had to remember just how many times I had AQs for example.

Normally I would be grateful for such fine starting hand opportunities time and time again and so many in excellent position. I even had As2s on the button (back to this hand later).

After playing 3 hours of 6-12 HE. I was up a comfortable $160 plus. Then the nightmare started I get AhKh in late middle position. I raise of course and get multiple callers. Flop brings 2 hearts and I raise once for value. Turn is a non heart. Someone bets and I just call. River is another non heart there is a bet and I fold.

A short time later I have KsQs. Turn brings a sweet Js10s and a rag (maybe not the nut flush, but pretty darn good flop). You can see the possibilities here!! I get no help and Iím forced to fold to the river bet.

I can let go the backdoor flush draw or when the board was pared and the betting was strong. But, these times were rare. A large majority of the time I would flop two of my suit and no pairs on the flop or turn. In the next four hours the same scenario was repeated over and over and I NEVER once made my flush. Sometimes of course the flop would bring none of my suit and that was a chip saver for me. Just fold! I did win a couple of pots here and there with other hands. But missing the flush draws took a toll on my chips and I went from $160 up to down $240. I donít recall missing every flush draw in a single session before. The other thing was that had I called the river bet none of my hands would have held up, I needed the flush in all cases to win.

Anyway back to the As2s. Hey! I won that hand. The flop was total rags all red. It was checked around. The turn was a third heart. Checked around. River another rag. Checked around. I win with an Ace high.


04-03-2002, 12:59 PM
You should try to be luckier.

04-03-2002, 05:02 PM