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03-25-2002, 03:03 PM
the good the bad the ugly the amusing and the totals

The Good:

bellagio 15 games were pretty loose and very passive. maybe it's my california training, but the other players didn't seem to know what the word "raise" meant. most hands were 5-7 way no raise pre-flop. maybe 1/4 of the hands were raised preflop, and they usually still got 3-4 callers. maybe 1 hand in two rounds got three or more raises in pre-flop and finally got heads up (but often the raisers picked up a hitch hiker).

The food at Chinois where we had a birthday dinner for a couple of friends was excellent. not cheap chinese food, but very very good.

the low cut jeans look on the right body type is very very good.

maybe it's because spring break is starting or maybe because it was sweet sixteen weekend, but vegas was pretty busy. and nowhere near as slow as has been reported.

(from a friend) Imperial Palace has a 4.95 prime rib sandwich from 11pm-7am that is well worth the price

(from the same friend) Barbary coast has a 24 hour 10.95 prime rib or 16 ounce steak meal that is huge.

The Paris buffet is every bit as good as the bellagio one, but the waiting system is much more advanced. you get into a short line to get a seating time, and then report back to the entrance at that time. no long lines to wait in. There aren't as many selections as across the street, but, given the food quality, it isn't hard to find something you want for seconds

The Bad

National Airlines is horrible. I keep on swearing off of them, but they keep on offering cheap flights. pretty stupid to try to save 30 or 40 bucks when I have a few grand in my pocket and am planning on playing 15-30 or 25-50/hand BJ, but I go with them every time. they even stopped serving warm cookies in flight (previously their only saving grace).

$12.50 for a MacAllan 12 year at Chinois. What do I expect at a Wolfgang Puck restaurant anyway, I guess.

The Ugly

Single deck games at some (most? all?) strip hotels seem to be paying 6-5 for naturals. isn't this about -1.5%? isn't this akin to robbery?

The single deck games were all full, proving that people often check their brains at the door when entering casinos

The low cut jeans look on the wrong body type.

Tourists from the winter states who haven't seen the sun for 7 months and have put on an extra layer of body fat over the winter shouldn't sunbathe topless.

The Amusing

The party next to us at Chinois was a batchelor party of 18 guys. they got steadily louder as the night wore on until, sometime after dinner, they all erupted into a loud cheer as a few of their bretheren walked back into the dining area. It seems that they pooled their money for the bill, and then sent out a convoy to the casino. Black was the correct call, and the party ate for free

Overall, I won 1000 in two 15-30 sessions, won 300 killing time with a buddy in a 6 deck 21 game, pissed away about 100 killing time on various slots, and got paid to drink a beer (put in $10 in a Vid Poker game at the bar and get a drink. pulled trips on my first hand, cashed out, and got paid a dollar fifty to drink a beer after the $1 tip I left.)

It was a great weekend, and I can't wait to do it again. Sorry I missed meeting everyone.

03-25-2002, 04:01 PM

Good report. I like it when people tell me about the food. Anyway, maybe you got some of Vince's dough at the Bellagio.

I heard that the Barbary Coast has two deck games and am wondering if you tried those at all.

Good Luck


03-25-2002, 04:52 PM
The other Coast properties also have a 24 hour steak or prime rib deal that is $3 less. If you have a car the Gold Coast or Orleans is a better deal.

I am outraged at the drink price. But I think all the strip restaurants are going that way. I was at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris with my parents and ordered two Makers Marks for my mother and I while we waited. I had a $20 bill out thinking I'd get some change and leave a good tip. Well, I got two drinks and the bartender got a decent tip. Did the bartender say, "Now comes the delicate part," as he handed you the bill?

03-25-2002, 08:54 PM
Did I misread, or is somebody selling shots of booze for twelve dollars a pop in las vegas?

03-25-2002, 10:18 PM
I had the same experience about a while back. I got a double and a single johnny walker black, and gave the waitress a twenty expecting her to thank me for what I would have considered a three or four dollar tip, (The place was relatively nice.)but she just stood there for a minute and said, "Six more dollars please." Then she pulled out a foreign plastic object. . .