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03-20-2002, 09:46 AM
There's a thread on another board about somebody who chased off a sucker because the sucker crowed about getting lucky on the river against him. This is sort of related. I hated Binion's Horseshoe when it was run by Jack Binion. I used to play 21 and count cards and was treated real bad by the Horseshoe for these activities. One time after a poker session there I stopped at the craps table. Some fellow picked up the dice and started making hardways. I was betting nickels and started really cheering loudly and jumping up and down. Yeah I was rubbing it in a little. You should have seen how angry the pit folks got. One of the dealers started to color me up during the roll and one of the pit folks stopped him and told him not to. When he finally crapped out he came over to the other side of the table and shook my hand believe it or not. I picked up the ridiculous amount of nickels stuffing them everywhere I could find and headed for the cage. How smart are these pit folks anyways.

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sounds like the dealers were tolerating you...

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You don't really consider using your brain to count cards at blackjack "robbing," do you?

I don't know a single reasonable person in the world who considers it dishonest to count cards at blackjack. Honestly.

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how about every stinking casino owner and most every floorman alive or dead. yoou are treated like dirt unless you walk in and immediatly throw away all your money to them. thats one reason most blackjack players turn to poker.

03-22-2002, 03:17 AM
its such a nicer atmosphere in the poker room as compared to the BJ tables...

in BJ ...the house is your sworn enemy. period. they dont want ya there. dealers, floor, pit..screw em all. your playing a cat and mouse game. which is fun, but you have no friends among them. your not supposed to think on a BJ table. and i also will ram it down someones throat if they call it cheating. its damn hard work.

pokerroom, you actually can relax and not worry about getting thrown out. you can actually have relations with the house personell.


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