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03-04-2002, 11:52 AM
I often see requests here and on RGP for info about the poker scene in London. Just for all who may be interested, here is you up-to-date print-and-keep description of what is currently going on. I hope it's of interest to some of you.

London has two casinos that contain card rooms. Neither are as large as the major US rooms. They are actually quite different, although many people play in both. They are called the Victoria Casino and the Russell Square Casino.

I shall summarise the differences:

1) Victoria:

The Victoria is situated on Harrowby Street, which is just off a main road called 'Edgeware Road'. Every black-taxi driver will find it easily. Its card room opens at 2pm every day, but at weekends there will be nothing going on until a couple of hours later.

It has tables with house dealers supplied and a few 'deal your own' tables. The games played are Omaha, 7-card stud and usually a 'Round of each': Hold'em / Omaha. You will only find a pure Hold'em game on Wednesday. All games are pot-limit.

The telephone number of the card room at the Victoria is: (44) 20 7298 2411. Ideally, ask to speak to Jeff Leigh, though he is not there every day. The Victoria closes at 5.30am midweek and 4am at weekends.

2) Russell Square

Russell Square only opens its card room on weekdays from around 8pm and is shut on weekends. It operates tournaments every weekday. Monday is 20 Hold'em pot-limit. Tuesday is 20 Dealer's Choice (choice of Omaha, Holdem, Irish or 7-CS) pot-limit, Wednesday is 20 Hold'em/Omaha round of each, Thursday is 30 No Limit Holdem and Friday is 10 Hold'em pot limit (intended for beginners and very busy). All are rebuy tournaments.

The cash action: There are no pure 7-card stud games. There is usually a pure Holdem game. There is always a dealer's choice 'high games only' table (=Hold'em, Omaha, Irish and 7-card stud). All games are pot-limit.

The latest development is that there is now a NO Limit Hold'em cash game. I have written about it on the Pot-limit/No limit section of this site.

The Russell Square's telephone number is (44) 20 7833 1881. You will have to ask to be put through to the card room. The card room does not take calls before the rebuys are finished in the tournament, so call after 9.45pm. You will probably be put through to Roy Houghton, who manages things there. The card room closes at 4am. The casino is hard to find. Look for the Imperial Hotel on Russell Square and walk through the entrance arch to find it.

For both you will need to register 24 hours in advance. This is UK law unfortunately. Bring a passport as ID is needed for the first visit.

Anyway, if you have any further question, reply to me at dyoung@postmaster.co.uk

Regards, Dave Young