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02-28-2002, 10:55 PM
i cant resist going to the mason/oz q+a session and im sure many of you are also planning to be there. ill make the journey at the risk of being punched out by jim brier, outsmarted by coilean, towered over by gummy worm, and otherwise welcomed with very open arms im sure when you all see that ive come to show off some of my, er, interesting hold em talents as well.

for real money.

against all of you.

oh boy.

time to brush up on my 21 skills i guess...

all that to say: where's a good place to stay that's affordable on a weekend and within walking distance of mirage and bellagio (closer to mirage more important, but cheap being the most important)? im trying to plan ahead for once in my life.

looking forward to smiling an embarrased smile as i shake hands with some of you.

02-28-2002, 11:38 PM
I have been thinking of going down there for the seminar too. I checked out the internet yesterday and room prices didn't seem too bad. I will be driving so I'll probably stay somewhere away from the strip and then go to the Mirage and Bellagio to play. (Last time my wife and I were there the poker rate we got at the Orleans was over $50 cheaper on the weekend than the rate at Bellagio. During the week it was $29 - waaay less than Bellagio. Between us we can give the Orleans the relatively few hours they ask for with no problems at all. We played a lot at the Bellagio) I may also think about the poker rate at either Mirage or Bellagio. If my wife comes, that is probably what we'll do. Check out Las Vegas.com or one of the other Las Vegas hotel room sites. My guess is the poker rate at the Mirage will be the same or just a bit more than the weekend rates for some of the dumps.

Now I just have to get rid of a trial that week. :-)

03-01-2002, 02:10 AM
The Barbary Coast is a small casino across the street from the Bellagio. I expect their room rates are reasonable.

The Imperial Palace is another smaller place across from the Mirage.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the Mirage poker room to the Bellagio poker room.

Here's a "map" of the Strip

East Side of Strip West Side


Paris Bellagio


Barbary Coast

Flamingo Caesar's Palace

Immperial Palace




03-01-2002, 02:11 AM

03-01-2002, 05:56 AM
mike. l,

we dont want people like you here. all you do is get free buffets and scheme extra dollars from the dealers, STAY OUT!!!!!!!!


03-01-2002, 02:29 PM
To be smack in the middle of the Mirage and Bellagio w/ affordable prices, stay at Imperial Palace or Harrahs. Harrah's is nicer, as IP is kinda gross and the dining there is really bad, but for the price and location its not too bad. Plus, IP has double deck blackjack, which is great for card counting. If you plan on playing any blackjack, buy Sklansky on Blackjack, which is an extremely simple look at how to beat the game(or at least have any chance at beating it). It's helped me make quite a bit of money in my past few Vegas trips.


03-01-2002, 03:21 PM
hey deez nice meeting you the other day. how'd you do at that 15 table. that 20 game was GOOD, im glad i moved over there.

yah i counted cards semiprofessionally for about 2 years. just the hi-lo count but i made $10k so it was kind of cool considering the small stakes i was pushing around. definitely plan to do some wonging in while there on my way to and from poker sessions. are you going out there for this?

03-01-2002, 06:43 PM

It was good meeting a fellow 2+2er. I took a little nick, little less than a rack at that 15 game. I knew it wasn't to be when I raised on the button with AA and got called by 95o in the BB and he made a full house. Good thing I raised or I woulda been questioning limping in all night. I was going to move to the 20 game, with that young guy that plays like poo(how did he have 5 racks in front of him?) and the black guy that smells like weed, but I was too far down the list and a bit tired after playing the freeroll. I watched the end of the tournament, which was actually pretty interesting, and I now know who the infamous Vince Lepore is.

I might head to Vegas for the whole Sklansky/Malmuth thing, but it will probably be a "hop in the car at a moments notice" deal. Last thing, is it just me or have you been picking up a lot of pots lately? If so, nice job. Look forward to seein ya at Hustler and the other LA card clubs.


03-01-2002, 07:40 PM
"I was going to move to the 20 game, with that young guy that plays like poo(how did he have 5 racks in front of him?)"

he's so awful i love it. he was stuck like 3k. i left around midnight and he was still there.

"and the black guy that smells like weed"

he sure does. he actually plays halfway decently sometimes. it's easy to get him to fold things like top pair though.

"and I now know who the infamous Vince Lepore is."

really?? what does he look like? i saw mike sexton there, but didnt recognize anyone else.

"Last thing, is it just me or have you been picking up a lot of pots lately?"

yeah ive been rushing lately. it's so wrong. kinda funny though. we'll see how long it keeps up before im back at the 9-18.

03-05-2002, 12:25 AM
Mike 1- Treasure Island is reasonable or if you want to really go lower, try the Stardust. See ya around. Let us know what you look like and remind us before you arrive. I will also be at the meeting with Mason and David. Babe.