View Full Version : Home LIMIT Tourney Help

Hedge Henderson
03-23-2004, 03:03 AM
I'm not really sure where to post this one. The Home Poker forum is sparsely populated. Both of the Tournament forums are so busy I'm afraid my questions will fade into oblivion in just a few hours. However, since this is more likely to be a one-table than a two-table, I guess I'll post here.

After several NL tourneys, our weekly poker group is holding our first limit hold 'em tourney in the interest of expanding our repertoire. Most of the participants are at least decent home players. A little passive, but they're tight, and they will usually bet when they've really got something. As the host, I am looking for two things to happen. First, I want everyone to have fun and second, I want to win.

To make sure everyone has some fun, I'd rather people not start busting out until late level III or early level IV. Reservations are still coming in so I don't know exactly how many players there will be. Assuming ten players and T1000 to start, do the levels below seem reasonable?


Also, would anyone care to give some general advice on how to play a limit tournament vs. a NL one or a regular ring game? Would I still play as tight in the early rounds as I do in a NL tourney? Should I not push that flopped four to a nut flush like I would in a ring game? Any input is appreciated.