View Full Version : How do I do THIS?

03-22-2004, 11:39 PM
I'm registered for an apartment complex 'poker night' tomorrow nigt, and I've just got the info now... looks like a fairly poorly organized tourney, but it is a tourney.
The woman told me that there are about 10 other players, plus me and one or two friends.

Any good ideas for this kind of strange setup?
$20 buy in: Top 50% get some money back.

included example for 10 players:
1. 80, 2. 60
3. 30 + $10 donated gift certificate to cineplex odeon
4. 20 + 10certificate
5. 10 + 10certficate
seems simple to finish in the money...

rules say "antes increase as time goes on...."
"minimum bet starts at $0.50, doubles every 1/2 hour."
plus it refers to an 'allowed maximum bet' but dosen't clarify.

then later, while describing all-ins, the 'rules' says that if someone has run out of money on hand, then all they have left is put into the main pot. yah yah,
Now get this: "At no time can anyone bet more than whoever has the lowest chip coun. Winner takes the whole pot."
I guess this means a)No Side pots (????) and
b) max. bet is the small stack
this must get just plain dumb if small stack is near zero...

Has anybody ever played anything like this? How does it change things?
It's totally amateur, the rest of the rules are shoddily worded, and it is my understanding that the 'floorman' is actually playing the game, and each of us will take turns dealing the cards when it is our deal.

Additional rules:
If there are multiple tables : All tables must play the same number of hands in the night, and each table must wait for the others to complete the hand before moving on.

All games stop at 10:00 and a chip count determines order (if someone hasn't won it all by then)

Late players get same amount as smallest table stack.

ANy suggestions? Please?