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03-21-2004, 05:58 PM
So I don't usually play these, so I decided to play the $10+1 as a warm up for the Saturday 200k tourney. Here are some hands I thought were quite interesting.

Hand 1: Blinds 10/15. this is the third hand dealt so no real reads.

UTG Folds, UTG+1 raises to 75. I am two behind him and decided to cold call with Ac Ks. CO cold calls, and everyone else folds. Three to the flop.

Flop is 6h, 4h, Kc

UTG+1 bets 100, I raise to 300, CO folds, UTG+1 calls

Turn is Jc.

UTG+1 checks, I push all-in for 425, UTG+1 folds

I win 1275

Hand 2: I am UTG+1, get dealt AKo again. BB is the guy I took the pot off of, and he may or may not be steaming ALREADY. This is two hands later, and blinds are still 10/15.

UTG folds, I raise to 45, everyone folds to BB, who calls 30.

Flop is Kh, 9h, 3s

At this point he has 380 in front of him.

He leads out 90, I raise to 200, he raises to 310, and I put him all-in, he calls

He turns over Kc 6h. I have Ks Ac.

Turn is Jh, River is 5h.

He wins pot with a King high flush. Pot is 860.

Hand 3: Now we're 4 handed. Stacks are like so.
Seat 1: gatorbait_7 (1055)
Seat 6: ajizzle (1990)
Seat 8: annknee (3850)
Seat 10: tsims3 (1105).

I am button and blinds are 50/100. There is no small blind because that seat got knocked out on the hand before. annknee posts 100 BB.

I get dealt Ad 7d. tsims folds, gatorbait calls 100, I decide to call 100. BB checks.

Flop is Js, Ac, 9s

BB bets out 300, gatorbait calls, i think for a while and decide to call.

Turn is 2c. BB bets out 655, which is exactly what gatorbait has, he calls, I decide to fold in this spot, so I can get into the money if gatorbait busts, but still have a nice stack if he doesn't bust.

Gatorbait has A7o with no flush draw, BB has 89o

River doesn't help, and gatorbait wins pot, 2510, and is now close to the chip lead.

Hand 4: A few hands later, blinds still 50/100. We are still 4 handed.
Seat 1: gatorbait_7 (2360)
Seat 6: ajizzle (1640)
Seat 8: annknee (2795)
Seat 10: tsims3 (1205)

Dealt Js Td in SB. Big stack is BB. Both fold, and I raise BB to 300. He raises me back to 500, and I call.

I know this a little loose here, but i flod if the flop misses me, and can manuever into the money if i do miss.

FLop is 2h 6h Th.

I lead out 400, BB puts me all-in, and I call.

He has Kc Jh. Turn is 4s, River is Ac. I dodge a bullet here. I had the advantage, but it was pretty close down to the river.

I ended up placing 2nd when I pushed all-in with AKs for about 3000, and was called by TT, who would have had 1500 left if he lost this all-in. He floped a set, but I flopped a flush draw. I missed though, and he won.

Any comments appreciated.

03-21-2004, 07:03 PM
hand 1. thats whats supposed to happen. you flop an ace, get one person to call the flop. and then raise him out of it on the turn. .. i think.

hand 2. that's what usually ends up happening. i think people got tired of having 2 pair rivered on them, so stars found some new creative ways for rag hands to suckout (backdoor flush/backdoor straight)

hand 3. i dont think you should have called in the first place. if you think your hand is good, push. the pot is massive. if you are questioning it, i think its best to fold with no kicker, and no other possibilities.

hand 4. i hate when people push back with a miniraise. it gives you automatic 4-1 odds to see the flop. 300+500=800, costs you 200 to call. its hard to get away from your hand, but as you see you were dominated until you caught a lucky flop that he let you see cheap.

hand 5, what more are you waiting for headsup? wrong side of a flipped coin is all. gg