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03-19-2004, 08:01 AM
I have been browsing these forums for Sng strategy, as these are the main way I make money (making the transition to limit ring games soon). I have found some differing advice, and decided to share my strategy (Why? Not sure, maybe because it is 4am and I can't sleep).

I will very rarely play the first few hands, only AA KK or QQ. I like to evaluate the players and let natural selection work its magic by busting those maniacs who go all in right away. After I feel the initial craziness has subsided, I loosen up since the blinds are low. I will limp with any suited ace, face cards, any PP under 10, and suited connectors. I raise with big hands, of course. My theory is that people love to just limp in the Sngs, and this allows me to see the flop with drawing hands and maybe pick up a large pot. I fold on the flop if I don't hit or don't have a lot of outs.

Usually, I have a larger stack to work with after this loose stretch, and when the blinds start to build, I go to my regular tight-aggressive game. Usually, I can ride the stack I have built into the money, only needing to win one or two pots to overcome the blinds.

Of course this strategy differs depending on the texture of the tables and all that good stuff, but I was wondering what comments people had about it. Thanks for letting me blab, and thank for the comments.


03-19-2004, 09:14 AM

Seems sound enough to me and if you're making money this way, then it works for the level of table you're playing at.

I guess it's not the higher stakes tables as I assume these wouldn't have as high a % of lemmings queueing to jump off the cliff early doors - a queue I may add I've stood in many a time being a lower limit SnG player myself /images/graemlins/smile.gif)

Only problem I have if you enter a family pot, with 5+ limpers say, is it become much harder for me to define a good hand and/or guesstimate what my opponent(s) may have.

Several are likley to catch a piece of the flop (one or two a big fat chunk) and if I catch bottom two pair for instance on a J87 flop, if I'm against 1 preflop raiser opponent I may be happy I'm in the lead but against 5 preflop callers I could be up against allsorts.

Str8 may be made for someone, flush draws could be there, 2 pair Q's up etc etc.

If you hit it big time then most others miss it completely so you win diddly, catch a half decent piece and you can lose big time.

Just my opinion, buyer beware I am a learner!!