View Full Version : down to 3 handed, what's your move?

03-18-2004, 01:35 AM
Party 30+3 NLHE SnG down to final 3, 150/300. Hero in SB 1170, BB has 915 before posting and D has 6k. Player in BB has been tight and the BB player has been using his stack effictivly. I look down and see Jc5d. I go all in. BB thinks for 7 seconds or so and calls with his remaning 600 w/Ad4c.

My thinking was that if I fold this hand, I'm now the shortest stack and with the big stack in the BB next, hurting my chances at a steal. If I don't get a hand, and I post, I am in a world of hurt as the big stack has been raising my blind every time (and I never had a hand). There is a chance the BB will fold, I think he would have folded 50%+ of his hands to this all in. I also figure J5o isn't too big of a dog against a random hand. In fact, I'm guessing it's around 50/50. I was a 40/60 dog to win and lost. But, I think I made the right move.

Who makes this move? Who folds?


03-18-2004, 08:18 AM
i raise here every time unless i think BB is the type of player who feels pot-committed after posting a third of his stack. given that he took seven seconds to call with an ace, i think this read was right. but i certainly wouldn't feel like i took a bad beat if he called and beat me.