View Full Version : UB and Poker Stars

craig r
03-17-2004, 06:54 AM
I have a few questions regarding SNG's at poker stars as compared to UB. I have done fairly well at the SNG's at UB. But, I seem to not fare nearly as well in the SNG's at Stars. Granted, I have not played in as many on Stars as I have on UB (only 10 or so on stars and over 230 on UB). But, I just don't feel comfortable on Stars at all. I don't know if it just the difference in stack sizes (on UB you start with 1000 and on stars it is 1500; the blinds start at 5-10 and 10-20 repectfully). I don't think the quality of players is different (i play $5 and $10). And though UB as a site is much slower (which is one of the reasons that I want to leave there. there is always problems with them), the play seems much faster. So maybe that is a drawback for me. Anyways, I am just trying to see what type of strategy changes i should possibly make. I feel that I do fairly well at the UB tourns (not as good as some on here, but with a ROI of 28% and placing 42% of the time), but I also feel that in order to be a good (or great) player I should be able to adjust. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help with this.