View Full Version : Playing Opponents Flush Draws

03-16-2004, 11:55 PM
I play at Pokerstars (sng and tourneys) and it seems a lot of people will play any suited cards. If the flop comes with two of their suit, they move all-in. How do you defend this? If I call and they hit their flush I am out. What kind of money needs to be in the pot for me to call an all-in bet against the flush draw?

Assume equal stacks -

You have AKo and raise 3x. One caller. Flop comes K 5 3 with two suits and your opponent moves in. You put him on a flush draw. Is it right to call? Or do you fold? I would be a 63% or so favorite right? But I am also giving up my chance to continue playing also. If I feel I am a better player, is it correct to fold? Or is it still a call. Usually the earlier in the sng the more likely I am to fold.

It seems in a way to be a nice bet on their part when they can get me thinking about folding TPTK. It just seems to be too big of a gamble.

I can't believe how many people do this. Especially when they are not even drawing to the nut flush. I never see people do this in live nl games (with the exception of short stacks and certain other situations where it may make sense).

What do you guys advise?

03-17-2004, 12:42 AM
In the instance that you know that he's on a flush draw, I'd call. Anytime you can get a chance to double up when you're the favorite, it's a good scenario with two exceptions:

1) You are a vastly superior player than your opponents, and therefore shouldn't take big risks on close to even money situations

2) Money cut off considerations

Otherwise, doubling up your chips early on makes you a significant favorite to place in the money if you play correctly. Hope this helps.