View Full Version : Start overbetting the pot?

03-16-2004, 08:53 PM
7-handed 10+1 SnG on Stars...I've got T1430 and the blinds are 15/30. I get 99 in the small blind.

UTG limps, all fold to Button who raises to 90. I call UTG calls. Three to the flop. 300 in the pot.

Flop comes 854 two spades. I bet 300, UTG calls, button folds. Turn is a 7. Pot is 900, UTG has about 800 left in his stack, so I decided (wrongly...I admit) to underbet the pot (300) and let him react to a bet of 40% of his stack. I'm thinking he might have TT, JJ or trips, but want to take a stab anyhow. He calls. Turn comes 9 of spades. Hit my trips, but a flush and (still) straight draw on the board. I check, he pushes in. I call (mistake #2...or maybe mistake #3, #4, #5 in this hand...someone please tell me), and he has J4s for the flush. I'm crippled and go down shortly thereafter in 6th place.

Analysis of the individual hand is appreciated, but I'd also like comments about overbetting the pot on the flop. I rarely (maybe never) do it unless I'm pushing in and usually make a pot sized bet when I'm protecting my hand.

Thanks in advance.


03-16-2004, 11:34 PM
My general rule is to NEVER bet less than the pot unless I am SO far ahead that I can afford to give them what would appear to (them to) be correct pot odds.

Often I just overbet it anyway, it can't hurt. Many times it's a better choice. Either way, if you just bet the pot every single time, and on every round, you won't be giving correct drawing odds very often, unless you simply can't release when they have obviously hit.


03-17-2004, 12:57 AM
When you bet 300, the pot became 600. That means that he is betting 50% of the pot to win the thing on a flush draw, which really isn't a good bet unless he can guarantee increasing his implied odds (in this case, he did that). Perhaps he is also banking on his J overcard, which is something you have to consider since you only have nines. Sometimes a guy limps in with AK trying to trap. There was no guarantee that he had only a flush draw working.

Unless you put the guy on a bigger pair, I might have gone all in after the flop with the hand you had. This kind of aggressive play screams trips, and they are likely to fold, IMO, without an overpair. Nines are dangerous, IMO.