View Full Version : looking for advice & reading material on 1-table NLHE satellites

03-13-2004, 12:11 AM
Is there a thread out there or a website or essay with a good discussion of single-table winner-take-all satellites?

I've got a seat in a satellite for a WSOP seat tomorrow, and I'd like to do some last minute cramming. I've got Ciaffone & McEvoy & Sklansky, all of which have short sections on 1-table satellites, but if anyone can point me to something beefier I'd appreciate it. I would really like to take the best shot possible at winning the WSOP seat.

The books talk about live satellites where you start with T300 and 5-10 blinds, which seems like it skews things for my purposes - tomorrow I'll be starting with T1000 and 5-10 blinds. Seems like I should start out supertight unless I'm confident I can get away with limping...

If there's not already a good thread out there, I'd love any helpful advice you can throw at me. I've played in quite a few SnG's, and done pretty well (maybe winning 20%), but that's not a huge sample size, and I don't consider myself an expert. I don't think my opponents are either - they won their way in as part of a promo, same as me.

Thanks much,