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02-14-2002, 01:48 PM
alright, you fat humps

i just wanted to say a couple things about the recent postings of 'JOEYBITCH' on here.

first, i laugh when i read them. its funny, when you think about it, because somebody obviously has enough time to stumble on this website, and think and write out the posts he does, and yet have such a nonchalant tone about his posts as if he was just obliging us because we asked him, or something.

second, while the whole thing is contrived, and therefore an obvious attempt at humor, i still think its kinda funny. i laugh, not gut-busting or anything, but its humorous stuff.

third, the funniest part about these posts is that the humor plays on poker. this guy must have some knowledge of poker, and 'proper strategy' to be able to make these posts, and make them funny.

sure, the jokes and posts can sometimes be a bit childish, and crude, but i think that is more a part of the posturing than the intelligence level of the poster himself. i believe we are supposed to hate the character of JOEYBITCH.

so, laugh at our own expense when the guy writes his posts, but don't make a big fuss out of it and we can get back to debating useful stuff, like whether to raise or fold AA UTG and stuff.