View Full Version : HUMP OF THE DAY award (for monday)

02-12-2002, 10:42 AM
after busting out of the noon tournament in 10 minutes flat (AK, rebuy, 99, out)

our hero picks up KK in 4/8 he game (biggest game in the house). raise.

flop KJx with 2 clubs. 3 way action capped. Hump puts one on AK-JJ and other on draw.

turn Qd. hero bets right out, gets raised, and AK-JJ calls. hero thinks about 3 betting, but declines (thus declining the SUPER HUMP OF THE DAY -- good luck, maybe next time).

clubbie comes on the river (as they always do) thus completing pretty much everything in the world that can beat hero.

check, bet, AK-JJ calls --

hero does a really dumb thing, calls, thus losing the hand, but picking up HUMP OF THE DAY. good job HUMP. see ya, wouldnt want to ... (oops, too late).

again, congratulations on HUMP OF THE DAY for monday, feb 11, 2002.