View Full Version : Unbelievable - No! Unbelievable - Yes!

Poker Jon
02-12-2004, 06:15 PM
Just had to post this one as I am playing in my 1 table SNG on Stars.

3rd hand in. Blinds 10/20. BB has about T1800 everyone else has about the starting T1500

5 limpers. BB raises to 300. 2 callers including SB.

Flop J 9 3 rainbow. SB checks, BB goes all in, other player folds and SB calls. SB flips over trip 9's to BB AA. BB doesnt improve and SB takes the pot. BB left with T270.

BB writes 'unbelievable', I write 'not really, just unlucky'.

Next hand, BB now in SB, with SB on the button.

Button, limps, SB raises all in for 270, button calls. SB flips over JJ, button flips over 1010.

Cards come 10 10 J 3 3.

Now that is unbelievable!!