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Poker Jon
02-12-2004, 08:54 AM
Hey all,

1 table SNG @ Stars.

I'm down to about T120 and blinds are 15/30.

I pick up 99 in LP and decide to limp with 4 limpers.

Flop comes down 10 8 7 rainbow. Checked all the way around, and I decide to check (as I didnt want to be check-raised). An A hits the turn. Checked to me in second last position and I bet the pot of about 150. Folded to SB who min raises me a further T150. Folded back to me and I decide to call with the straight draw.

The river hits an Ace and the SBchecks. I couldn't figure what he had, and after thinking for a while, decide to check. He flips over 10 8 for two pair (on the flop and the with the Aces) and my two pair goes down.

I felt that I should have made a pot sized bet on the river - but I wasnt sure what I was up against. Would you have called a pot sized bet on the river being my opponent. I could have represented trips but decided that i might have been up against trip aces, or maybe even a full house.

Is this way too weak?



Poker Jon
02-12-2004, 09:28 AM

02-12-2004, 10:14 AM
Hey Jon,

First, I believe you mean you're down to T1200, and not 120.

After trying to buy the pot on the turn, with your 3rd pair and OE, if you get check-raised by SB, even if it's a mini-raise (or even more because of it), I would be absolutely sure you're behind there. Without any specific read, he can have a medium Ax and got his 2p now, other 2 pair, made straight, a SP set, even just a nakes A (I see moves like this with TPWK). I would consider folding. You're drawing for 10 outs, some of them might not win you the hand, and you're pretty low and get 4.2:1 on the pot, not amazing (I guess it's OK in a ring game, if you *know* he doesn't have the straight or TT, and of course AA).

Pushing as a bluff is not an option, IMO.

On the river, I check too. At retrospect, you know he was afraid you've got an ace, but I think he woud have called anyway with his 2P, so there's no point in betting. I wouldn't bluff here.

Only my opinion,