View Full Version : Quick preflop call...warrented? 2+2 SnG

Joe Tall
02-11-2004, 11:05 PM
Blinds 10/20

I have T1290 in the BB.

UTG (T1430) makes it 40, UTG+1(T1360) calls, UTG+2(T1330) all fold to me and I call.

Flop: Q /images/graemlins/diamond.gifQ /images/graemlins/club.gif4 /images/graemlins/heart.gif

I check, checked around.

Turn: A /images/graemlins/club.gif

I check, UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, UTG+2 bets T100, I check raise up to T400, 2 folds, UTG+2 puts me all-in and I call.

River is a blanks and UTG+2 shows an Ace and I double up.

Comments appreciated.

Joe Tall

02-11-2004, 11:38 PM
What did you have? I dont think it matters, with the blinds so small and the pot odds you are getting and the fact that you can break someone I like this call with almost any 2.

Joe Tall
02-11-2004, 11:40 PM

02-11-2004, 11:46 PM
Assuming you play resonably well post flop thats an easy call IMHO.