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02-11-2004, 12:50 AM
20k hands from pokertracker all played at two table no-limit sngs. I am well into the green during this period but nothing spectacular (in the money 41.34%). Any thoughts? My initial reaction is I think I may be playing too tight. When I do see the flop, looks like I am coming in raising a little better than 62% of the time. I think that's good. Winning 55% of showdowns. How does that measure up? What about steal attempts? Enough? Am I folding to steal attempts too much?

Vol. Put T$ In Pot: 16.52%
Vol. Put T$ In From SB: 25.15%
Saw Flop Not A Blind: 10.24%
Folded SB To Steal: 83.15%
Folded BB To Steal: 75.17%
Att. To Steal Blinds: 24.25%
Won T$ When Saw Flop: 36.19%
Went To Showdown: 34.92%
Won T$ At Showdown: 55.42%
First Action on Flop after Pre-Flop Raise:
Bet: 24.68%
Check/Raised: 1.53% (Yikes)
No Flop: 44.02%

Is 20k hands enough to draw any real conclusions? I'd appreciate any and all comments whether negative or positive.

02-11-2004, 03:56 PM

Won T$ When Saw Flop: 36.19%
Went To Showdown: 34.92%
Won T$ At Showdown: 55.42%

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I would say that winning only 55% of showdowns and going to the showdown 35% of the time is not great.

I think you want the figures to be more like 80% and 20% when you are playing NL.

How to get to those figures? I would say you need to be more aggressive, make bigger stronger bets on the flop. It looks like people are (successfully) drawing out on you too much.

But I am no pro, others may disagree with this.

It does of course depend what buyins you are playing....?

But at 40% u aint doing half bad!


02-14-2004, 01:04 AM
One thing that skews these results is the shorthanded play at the end of a sit and go, where nearly anything goes. Is it possible to see your hand percentages when only 6-9 handed?

02-14-2004, 02:14 AM
Hi pokeraz,

We both play two-table NL SNGs, so I guess maybe there's some compatibility of statistics, although my sample set is only 10% of yours and probably too small to be significant:

Vol. Put T$ in pot: 22%
Vol. Put T$ in from SB: 38.6%
Saw Flop Not on Blind: 10.9%
Folded SB to Steal: 89.1%
Folded BB to Steal: 69.1%
Att. to Steal Blinds: 39.7%
Won T$ When Saw Flop: 41.5%
Went to Showdown: 34%
Won T$ at Showdown: 54.6%

First Action After PF Raise:
Raise: 3.4%
Bet: 17.5%
Call: 2.2%
Check: 5.6%
Check-Raise: 0.3%
Fold: 1.25%
No Flop: 54.7%

I'm obviously a looser player than you are (22% vol. put T$ in vs. your 16%), although I don't know if you're too tight or I'm too loose. /images/graemlins/smile.gif

It may or may not be significant that 55% of my wins come pre-flop. I know that over the last two weeks (the period of these stats), I've been getting a lot of "sucker flops," top pair or two pair that is only the second-best hand.

I think Tim is probably right, in that we are taking too many hands to showdown, and consequently winning too few showdowns. I'm not going to muck top two-pair when there are no draws on board, but I've been seeing far too many showdowns (45%) with only high card or one pair. I win at least 75% of showdowns with two-pair or better (depending on the hand) but less than a third of those with one pair or less ... and by far and away that's the biggest leak in my game.