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02-09-2004, 03:44 PM
Hi Guys,

I want to start a new post concerning PokerStar without the previous bad blood. I think having more fish on Poker Stars will cause me to play a lot more there. I have always appreciated PokerStars excellent software and tournament format. Having smaller blinds and more chips to start allows better players to shine. The reason I continued to play 80% of my online poker on Party Poker is because I won more $$$ per hour, plain and simple. There was greater variance, but it was more profitable. Playing there so much also made me become a much better short stacked / short handed player and those skills have helped in every other situation... including PokerStars late in the tourneys. Given that there do seem to be more fishy players on PokerStars, I smell blood and I am going to ratchet up my play there.
I also believe that I have become so used to the way sit n go's are played on Party that it will take a small adjustment, but VERY little. If anything, the play on PokerStars is more how I was used to playing before playing so much on Party...so the adjustment to the Party style was much more difficult. Also, I believe playing a lot more on PokerStars will help improve my game because, even with more fish, there seems to be a higher % of good players.


BTW . I play as Neutron999 and look forward to playing in the 2+2 tourneys this week. It can only help my game!

02-09-2004, 04:17 PM
This is a small sample size, but I would agree that you can become familiar to a particular format for an SnG. I got used to playing at UB, which is similar to Stars in that the blinds increase more slowly. At Party, I really felt like a fish out of water...OK, bad analogy there (maybe)...and my 110 investment returned only 90 bucks. I am faring better at Stars because the adjustment was easier. Again, small sample so take with a grain of salt.

And for the record, I really like Stars...like the software, format, players are generally more courteous that the punks that often frequent Party (like me)...glad I joined up, and hope to play in the 2+2 soon. I'm on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so you're unlikely to hear from me for awhile. OK, OK, stop cheering.