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02-06-2004, 11:49 PM
After a rousing start to my 100 SnG quest, the poker gods decided to humble yours truly with a veritable potpourri of mistakes, timid play, overly aggresive play, cold cards, and stubborn players who keep calling my all-ins and making hands...d'oh.

When we last left our hero, he was riding a streak of 10 SnGs in which he had won 250 for his 110 investment...well the second decade was less kind, only earning 70 for his 110, leaving him at 220 invested, 320 earned for an ROI of 43.29% after 20 played. I still have yet to finish worse than 6th (maybe not a good thing...), but only a first in SnG #20 kept me from a complete washout in the second ten.

Some high (actually, mostly low) lights.

SNG#11 (PokerStars) - my first venture to PokerStars (hope to play in the 2+2 tourney next week) saw a fifth place finish, as the superaggressive player to my left called my A5o with his QJ and spiked a Q on the turn.

SNG#12 (PokerStars) - Crafty player slowplays his AQo on an AK3 rainbow board (I'm not sure if I played this worse than him or not...he must have read me well) and when I push in with my A9c and he calls...I'm history. I played this one way too aggressively...and as a result I went into a bit of a shell for four or five tourneys after that...much too timid.

SnG#14 (Party) - This one was very painful...a 5th place finish in an SnG when I get AA twice in a row and KK two hands after that. First AA I get one caller after my preflop raise and I flop quads...woohoo! I check twice, finally inducing a bet of 150 and I come over the top...he calls I double up to around 1200. Second hand, the caller from the first hand goes all-in preflop (woohoo), I call and get a third caller. I won some on the side pot, but the first guy had Kc9d and four clubs flop to beat my trip aces...Had I won that pot, I could have folded into the money, especially after winning a few bucks with my kings two hands later. A couple of mistakes down the stretch and I get bounced in fifth.

SnG #18 (Party) was the coldest deck I've seen. I basically folded my way right into 6th. Best hand I saw was 66...had a chance to call a loose player's all in with A7s...thought better of it, and didn't see another hand that good the rest of the way. Frustrating...especially after winning only $20 in the previous 7 tries.

SnG #20 - decided this drought was taking my aggressiveness away and finally stopped playing so timidly. Got some good cards and played them halfway decently. One of the easier wins I've had...thank goodness. I really needed it.

So, that's installment #2...more lessons learned...quick preview...SnG #21...3rd place. Maybe my fortunes are turning.


02-07-2004, 12:36 AM
Sorry about the bad run, but keep the posting up! I enjoy reading these much more than the regular posts. Seems like you're on the right track heading into the 30's. Good luck!

02-07-2004, 01:03 AM
I post these as much for my own recordkeeping as much as anything else, but I'm glad someone enjoys them. There have been other posters in the other forums that chronicle individual tourneys, how they do after turning pro, and the like. I just figured it would be fun to post it. I'm debating a jump to $30 or maybe to the 2 table SnGs at Stars, staying at $10 or maybe jumping to $20. Don't really want to run into Kurn though...he's one scary Klingon.