View Full Version : Icy cold cards at the end of games

02-06-2004, 08:40 PM
Hi All,

Playerd 3 $50 Party NLHE Sit n Go's today. 2 3rds and a 4th are results. In two of the games, I was shortstacked at 4 players and on the other one I had a medium high stack and was in 2nd place. Anyway, in all of these tourneys, I did not receive any A or K, any pair, and in one no card above a ten (last nine hands). It is very difficult to call all ins, 3x bb steal bets, or make steals yourself with any of the hands I recieved. My two all in hands were 4-2 (blinded out after last 5 hands the best was 9-2) and Q-2. I raised all in with just over 1x the BB because it was the 1st. hand I had with a face card in it in the 5 previous hands. My question is, what the heck do you do in that situation. I basically just sat and waited. In two of the three games I felt like I had 0 chance of stealing. Any attempt with the hands I had (if called) against a random hand would be underdogs. All I could hope for was to fold and get a better hand. In the other game, they were playing tighter, but I was very shortstacked.

I felt like I had a fair to very good read on all these players. One of the players was a total call station. Hard to steal from that player. Most of the other players were loose aggressive. Only one of my last 10 opponents was tight (tight aggressive, tough player) I attempted one steal in all those hands and was re-raised... Any ideas what to do here?