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La Brujita
02-06-2004, 10:31 AM
First hand of a Party $30 I am in the big blind with 9h 3h and get a free play.

Flop comes 2h 7h Th four handed. I check looking to check raise and next to act bets 200 one fold and one cold call.

This was the moment of decision for me. I obviously wanted to make it expensive for a singleton Ah or Kh or any two pair or set. What is a huge worry is a cold call by the second in the pot.

Added to my uncertainty is in a $30 game usually with a few truly loose players, you can never know what anyone is holding with any certainty.

I raised all in and was drawing dead to a Q high flush (the cold caller). First to act had 2 pair.

Was my play terrible, or average? In my opinion it was one of those hands I where I just shrug my shoulders and say next game.

Also, how bad do you think the flat call was by the Q high made flush? I would push in in a second here to make the singleton A or K have to pay. After all 200 is 25% of the stack.

If you made a king high flush would you flat call? I might well there.

Any thoughts, opinions welcome.

02-06-2004, 01:09 PM
I think you played it well, hard to think that someone else flopped a flush, thats a lot of heart out of play....I think the queen high just calling is a pretty good play too...the T200 bet tells me that he doesn't have a flush, I'd figure him for top pair/high kicker, two pair or a set...the only risk that he ran is that you had the ace or king but I wouldn't worry about it too much and let them chase a made hand if they wanna call their stack off.

02-07-2004, 11:04 PM
Interesting post. First, nothing wrong with your play. When you flop a flush, it is just so unlikely that someone else flopped a flush too. I remember one online tournament (I think it was a Pokerstars Sunday $500) where I limped with 98s in LP and flopped a flush (board was king-high). I doubled up on the hand, which was amazingly cool since it was the first of the tourney. My opponent called my all-in, after thinking long and hard, with KJ (top pair and a jack-high flush draw).

As for the player who flopped the queen-high flush, I would have raised but I don't know that smoothcalling is terrible. He's hoping that if no heart comes on the turn, the bettor (who may have a singleton A or K of hearts) will bet again, and then he can push all-in.