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02-05-2004, 12:20 AM
Well, I am improving. My second 2+2 SNG and I have taken 4th and now 2nd. I must feel good as my A5 lost to KT for the final hand against Zorac, no shame there.

Heyrocker and me were in the final four. Zorac and Thomastem were the other two gladiators in the finals. Toons two out of three of the finalists! WE ROCK!

the final finish list:

1. zorac
2. steelballsd (al capone junior, YEA ME!)
3. heyrocker
4. thomastem
5. clemsonace
6. jkkj1
7. stagemusic
8. jpg777
9. d9090
10. husker66
11. jedi333
12. shub314
13. ohkanada
14. specs
15. vinnythefish
16. jpw22
17. wayabvpar
18. da_judge

There were some great hands, including one involving yours truly, but someone else wants to write it up, so we'll see what comes up. I have the tourney history saved tho, anyone who wants it PM me.


02-05-2004, 12:49 AM
Slowly they strode down the dusty town street at high noon, blinded by the sun and 100/200 blinds with a 25 ante.

SteelballsD--alias Al Capone Jr and jkkljl--alias who the hell knows?, al packing T 4350, jkkljl sporting T8310.

Al was coming from the SB side of town, jkk was representing the BB side. Wary of their presence, all 7 other townsfolk folded, leaving these two alone in the hot, merciless, deadly sun.

Al drew first, firing of a shot of 400 raise. jkk cooly called, and they stared each other down.

And then the flop came: 6 /images/graemlins/club.gif 2 /images/graemlins/spade.gif 9 /images/graemlins/spade.gif

and you'd think, peace at last. Perhaps. Al waived jkk on, checking his option. But jkk was not one to let a peaceful moment last, and shot off a raise of 1000. Undaunted, Al not only absorbed the shot, he fired back with everything he had! All in!!

But jkk was up to the challenge, and returned fire, matching Al bullet for bullet. And they each revealed their weapons.

Al was carrying a K /images/graemlins/spade.gif4 /images/graemlins/spade.gif, and perhaps hoping he's packed more. But jkk could show only 8 /images/graemlins/diamond.gif7 /images/graemlins/club.gif, leaving an almost even draw situation, which most of the townsfolk found to be hysterically funny.

And in an ending no Gary Cooper movie ever saw, the turn came 4 /images/graemlins/club.gif, the river showed Q /images/graemlins/diamond.gif, and the titanic struggle of good vs. evil, flush draw vs. straight draw, ended up going to Al's 44, though his K high would have been good enough.

And Al rode this horse to second place.

As the sun sets in the west.

02-05-2004, 01:28 AM
I can almost smell the gunpowder! Makes me want to take a few shots with my .44!

I shall let the forumites make their own judgements as to the hand....

al (aka gunslinger magoo!)

02-05-2004, 01:37 AM
Who cares about the hand that post really fires me up for the trny at true. GO toons

02-05-2004, 01:44 AM

02-05-2004, 03:22 PM
Sorry I couldn't help out more for the Toons cause. I was short stacked with 11 to go, and found myself with KQs. I decided to push in. There was a min raise behind me, I pushed in... and so did 2 others.

I was up against AA and KK. Busted out 11th. Oh well.

02-05-2004, 03:33 PM
It was a fun tourney....these guys got to learn that when I go all in with K-3 I double up. Just remember when you call 1 of my all-ins 1 of my cards is a 10 or higher unless ofcourse I have pocket 3s and the pot has been raised and reraised.....the I go all-in and triple up.

It's best to just fold.

02-05-2004, 04:33 PM
So the tourney gets underway and my beers are sufficiently cold and close to the computer. That's good. Now we can play poker...

Of course I can only get my own hand history, so this won't reflect what happened at the other table during the time before the final table.

The first hand I limp with sixes but have to fold when ClemsonAce pops it 160. Only jkkj calls him. They play a 960 pot where Clem's pocket QQ stands up.

The next pot is fairly uneventful, but jkkj picks up 180 of what he just lost to Clem.

About six hands later, after some blind steal and chit-chat, jedi picks up a T450 pot when he fails to get called on the turn with a three rag board.

On hand nine jkkj raises to sixty and ClemsonAce pops it back to 120, gets called, they take a flop. Which is Ah Td 6d. Clem bets 80 and gets called. The turn is the 6c. Clem bets 100 and jkkj goes all-in for 800 more, clem calls. The river is the 9c. Clem's got AQ and jkkj has
K6o for trip sixes. 2200+ pot.

On hand 13 and beer #2 I finally wake up and play, rather than yak it up. AhQh comes to me and I pop it up to 60, 3x the blind. Tho I tend to make bigger raises when playing against the normal magoos at stars, against THESE magoos I am sticking to the 3x theory, at least for this hand. jkkj calls my ass from the big blind and the rest flee in terror. The flop is 9 6 6 with two clubs and a heart. I pop it 120 and jkkj concedes the pot to me! Beers for all! I won a pot!

Hand 15 gets interesting, quite so. I'm in the sb and Shub's in the bb. Clemson and Husker call, the rest fold, I call and we take the flop unraised, four ways. 2 3 9 with two hearts graces the board. I check it and Shub bets 120. ClemsonAce calls but me and Husk go the way of the chicken and fold. The 7h graces the turn with its presence. Shut bets 360 and clem pushes in the rest, 300 more. Shub also goes the way of the chicken and Clem picks up a T1080 pot.

The next interesting pot comes at hand 19. Husk raises the T30 blind to T120 from EP. OhKanada calls and so does jwp22 from the big blind. The flop comes Ac Qc 3d. jwp checks, husker bets 180, kanada folds, then jwp check-raises it to 400. Husk pops it back and makes it 960 to go. jwo22 says "hmmm......" After thinking for a while, jwp goes the way of the chicken and lays it down.

On hand 22 I open raise 3x the blind UTG and make it 90 to go. But then OhKanada, aka "the evil one" reraises me 180 more. I go the way of the chicken and lay my AJo down, thus he picks up the pot.

But the gods aren't done with me and AJ, no, not at all. The very next hand I'm in the big blind and get the very same hand. wayabvpar calls and jkkj completes from the sb, three way pot. Flop is As 9c 2c. I bet 120 and wayabvpar calls me but jkkj tosses his hand in the muck. The turn brings the 3h. I bet 210 and pick up the pot.

On hand 27 wayabvpar says "baan." Everyone is quite confused of course. I explain that it's yiddish for "TOONS RULE." But in hindsight I think that was simply the fourth beer clouding my otherwise already fairly cloudy brain. Turns out his cat had walked on the keyboard! Twas wortha laugh tho.

Hand 28 gets things going again with 25+50 blinds. Jwp is in the bb. husker66 calkls, jkkj calls, ohkanada calls, clemson completes from the sb, and jwp checks. Flop comes 8s 9c 4s. Clemson bets 200 and husk calls. Ohkanada raises 1075 more and is all-in. He takes the pot and doesn't show.

On hand 35 again we see an all-in after wayabvpar and jkkj duke it out on the flop and turn for a couple/three hundred each. But on the river, the board shows 4h 2c 8h 9s 4c, wayabvpar bets 300 more and jkkj raises 1470 more, putting him all-in. It's enough to send wayabvpar the way of the chicken and jkkj doesn't show.

On hand 36 we see our first all-in BTF nad. Husk makes it 500 to go, raising 5x the blind. wayabvpar pushes the rest of his stack in making it 790 total. husk calls and the rest go the way of the chicken. wayabvpar's AJ doesn't stand up as husk's KQ makes a straight on the turn. Bye-bye par.

The very next hand Clem raises jwp22's big blind, a min raise to 200. Jwp22 doesn't care for this, and makes a counter offer of 705 all-in to clem. Clem declines, going the way of the chicken.

Hand 38 keeps the tradition of all-ins going as jkkj calls 100 and jwp22 pushes in for 905. jkkj takes the deal and they rumble. jkkj's K3o beats jwp's 44 when a flopped king shows. To be honest I am not sure who jkkj actually IS, whether he was a random entrant or what, but he must have gotten that one from the internet forum! :-)

On hand 41 jedi goes all-in for about 1000, but no takers.
On hand 42, clemson min-raises ohkanada's blind and they take a flop. It's A Q 8 rainbow, which is enough for ohkanada to check. clem bets it all, 580 more, and ohkanada calls him. ohkanada's A2o doesn't cut it against AT, and clemson doubles.

The next hand ohkanada pushes in but gets no takers. Tilt? Good hand? We'll probably never know!
A few hands later jedi333 goes all-in BTF for about 1100 and jkkj1 calls him. The board is Q Q J J 8. Jedi333's AQ beats jkkj1's 77.

Hand 47 jedi raises my blind from 100 to 300 and I call him with black QJo. The flop comes J high all diamonds. I push in my last 960 and don't get called.

On hand 50 jkkj makes it 300 and shub314 makes it 600. It gets called and the two take a queen high rainbow rags flop. Shub pushes in his last 600 and gets called. Another deuce and a nine show and shub's QK beats jkkj's AT. Shub doubles.

On hand 55 I stop going the way of the chicken, and start going the way of the shaft. ClemsonAce raises to 450, 3x the blind. I have pocket 99 and push it all in. Clem calls his last 810 and we turn them up. He has KQo. The flop is A T 3, and the turn a seven. But the king on the river sends me to shaftsville. I'm down to 150 and looking for my own tube of preparation-H.

The very next hand I get AKo. Jedi raises to 450 and I call my last 150. Shub314 also calls. The flop is ace high, and with the sb's money my stack goes from 150 to 600. Shub's 77 collects a 600 side pot tho.

A few hands later I get pocket 88. I push in from early position, T600. OhKanada pushes in too, about 200 over the top of me. The rest fold and the flop cards are dealt. 9 2 6 K 7 mixed suits. My eights hold up against OK's AQ. I'm up to 1425 and right back in it!

Hand 62 is a wild one. OhKanada pushes in his last couple hundred. Shub and jkkj both call it. Flop comes A 5 8 rainbow. Shub bets 900 and jkkj1 calls. A trey hits the turn. Shub goes all-in for about 2400 and jkkj calls with 1400 left. jkkj's A5o takes shub's AJs and turns it to dust, with the extra five on the river just to make sure. Kanada goes home with nada. Shub looks for a tube of preparation-H.

Hand 65 with six left at my table, I push in my 1200 from EP with 33. I steal the 100-200 blinds and feel smug. Time for another beer!

On hand 67 I am in the SB and have 96o. Now maybe I had a couple/three more beers than I thought, but I have the hand history in front of me and can't believe what I did! I pushed it all in (1300) and stole Shub's blind! :-)

The next hand Shub goes all in for 655 and jkkj calls him. QJ takes down A8s and Shub goes the way of the railbird.
One hand later, husker, clemson and jedi are all three all-in before the flop. A T 7 4 8 puts clemson's AA in the hole as top hand. Husk's KK didn't fare well, and jedi's KQs came in a distant third.

-- the final table --

Hand 74 is pivotal for me. I have JJ. Stagemusic calls and I push in my 1500 stack. Stage calls and everyone else folds. The flop comes A J Q 8 Q and I double to a respectable 3000.

Hand 76 shows heyrocker going all in for 610 and getting called by Stagemusic and d9090. The flop is Ts 6d 8s. d9090 goes all-in for 1200 and stage folds. Rocker's KK holds up for the main pot against d9090's A6o.

Hand 78 has thomastem raising to 1200 (all-in) and Stage going over the top for 2100 more. No one calls the over the top. Thomastem's 88 holds up vs. AQ.

Hand 81 - blinds 100-200 ante 25. Clem raises to 600 and heyrocker makes it 1755 all'in. Clem goes the way of the chicken and folds.

On hand 86 there were several limpers and I checked AQ in the BB. When the flop came Q J 9 stage bet 200 from the SB and I went all in for 3125. He contemplated aloud whether to suck out or not but then (wisely) folded. I did make sure there were no odds for anyone with a bare ten.

Hand 87 is the one written up by DougBrennan, the fantastic "draw vs. draw at high noon" where my king high flush draw beat jkkj's open ended straight draw when I spiked a pair of fours. Excellent post if you haven't read it yet. Winning the hand gave me a commanding chip position.

hand 89 has d9090 going all-in and getting called by zorac. Zorac's QQ takes it over D9090's KTs.

In hand 92 Zorac's AJo takes out jpg777's TT. JPG is out.
hand 95 I get KK and min raise (anyone who reads my posts on the subject should be smelling a rat). jkkj takes the bait. Flop is J 7 7 and I bet 1210. He chunks it, wisely.

The next hand has Stagemusic and heyrocker all-in BTF. rocker's A7o beats QJo when neither makes a pair, and rocker's stack goes up, while stage goes home. Six left.
Two hands later thomastem, clemsonace and jkkj duke it out three ways all-in. thomastem comes out ahead with KJo vs. QJ vs. A6o. Clem goes the way of the rail.

On hand 101 I steal with Ad4d by making it 3000 to go with $50 ante and 200-400 blinds.

Hand 107 has Zorac and me battling it out. I made it 1800 BTF and he made it 3080 all-in. I called him with QJ but his pair of queens were too strong for me. He wins a nice pot when he pimp-slaps my bitch ass all up and down the casino.

-- the blinds are now 300-600 $50 ante --

on hand 111 I have AA and clem raises 1200 into me (min raise). I make it 3000 and he calls. The flop is jack high all diamonds, I have Ad. He goes all-in and I call. His TT with Td take him straight to the rail.

On hand 115 thomastem goes all-in and is called by zorac. Zorac's A5 beats Tom's 33 and tommy boy goes the way of the rail.
-- down to three --

Next hand rocker goes all-in and Zorac calls. Zorac's KQ beats rocker's QT when neither pairs.

And then there were two...

Me and Zorac are now heads up with similar stacks.
My comment: "Two titans at the peak of their power"
Amazingly, I got this far and my hand history was truncated! But I remember the last hand...

The last hand we both wind up all-in before the flop. My A5o is no match for his TK when two tens flopped.

Good game all!


02-05-2004, 05:47 PM
Good recap!

On hand 36 we see our first all-in BTF nad. Husk makes it 500 to go, raising 5x the blind. wayabvpar pushes the rest of his stack in making it 790 total. husk calls and the rest go the way of the chicken. wayabvpar's AJ doesn't stand up as husk's KQ makes a straight on the turn. Bye-bye par.

[/ QUOTE ]

I can't believe that was hand 36...it felt like about hand 12. I bled off half my stack with unhelpful flops, and then I got sent to the rail. It was all a blur, and I wasn't even drinking!

wayabvpar says "baan." Everyone is quite confused of course. I explain that it's yiddish for "TOONS RULE." But in hindsight I think that was simply the fourth beer clouding my otherwise already fairly cloudy brain. Turns out his cat had walked on the keyboard! Twas wortha laugh tho.

[/ QUOTE ]

I was playing two tables, talking to my buddy on Messenger, AND trying to wrangle the damned cat...I ended up saying all kinds of strange things last night when he stepped on the enter key time and again /images/graemlins/grin.gif

02-05-2004, 10:40 PM
nice write-up.
as you can clearly see, the key to winning one of these is to take down virtually every-single 50-50 situation you are involved in.

i won a whole bunch of coin-tosses except for the aforementioned QQ vs QJ bitch-slap hand which wasnt such a toss-up.
other than that, it sure is nice to get freaking lucky when it counts.

02-05-2004, 10:46 PM
WOW Al, great write up! I bow to you!