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02-03-2004, 07:30 AM
Paradise poker 10+1

Blinds 10/20

Ok first question:
I have 1890 or so pretty much tied for second biggest stack in the BB I'm dealt QQ. Everyone folds to SB +2. He has 500 he goes all in, SB+1 has 400 he calls all in. BB has 1500 he goes all in. Now what should I do?

In this situation, I layed down my hand. I assumed that in that mess someone had to have AA or AK, I figured that there was no point in risking my stack. However in retrospect, I'm really wondering, would the 3 to 1 on my money been worth it? Especially when if I lost I would still have 300? I went on to still place first but I really feel like I missed a decent opportunity. Comments?

Results of the allin's :
SB+2 turned over A8s
SB+1 turned over K9s
SB turned over AKo
Flop came complete rags, I would have taken it down.
I'm wondering if I should have factored that with that many people Aces would be almost out of the deck.

Second hand.
blinds are 200/400
I have 4700+ 5 people left 2 with 500 the other two have about 2500.
I'm dealt 22

Folds to SB (who has 500) who raises.

Now at this point I figure that if he had a pocket pair he would have all in'd. I re raise 500 to put him all in. He calls and shows J3o I took it down. I'm wondering was that too aggressive?
My reasoning was that he didn't have a pocket pair so I had to be favored. Besides I didn't really expect him to call. Anyway opinions? Thanks in advance

02-03-2004, 11:13 AM
Toughie on the 1st one. With blinds of 10-20, why someone would bet 500 is beyond me. Usually this hand isn't great although sometmes he has AK. The next all-in may well only be a pair. The bigger stack all-in is the one to worry about but again he may be only isolating and trying to get it 3 way. I likely call in this situation with QQ. If the 1st 2 stacks had big stacks as well then folding is more reasonable.

On the 2nd one I am confused. He should only have 100 left after calling the blind. So forcing him allin is perfectly reasonable with 22.

Ken Poklitar