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02-03-2004, 01:23 AM
Though I doubt anyone really cares, I figured I'd chronicle my 100 10+1 SnG experience. Feel free to ignore as you see fit.

Through the first ten the results are as follows.

4 1sts, 1 second, 1 third, 3 5ths and 1 6th. 9 were played at UB, with one first at Party. I am going to try and go 50/50 to see how those results compare as well.

Among the losses, the 6th place one was a particularly bad decision by yours truly, calling an all-in with KJs when the situation really didn't call for it. Pusher had A7s and after no improvement, CCC was his-to-ry. One of the fifth place finishes was similar, although the tourney was much later and I hadn't caught any cards and I played super timid (which is pretty unlike me...just didn't feel comfortable at this table). I called an all-in with QT /images/graemlins/spade.gif with approx. T500 chips and the blinds 75/150 and he had AT /images/graemlins/diamond.gif. No queens, two spades and no straight later...See ya, woudn't want to be ya. Pusher had been very aggressive and I felt had to make a stand...probably shouldn't have with QTs, though.

Of the 4 firsts, I got real lucky on one early call, going all-in on a straight flush draw very early (level 1) and picking up my flush on the river. The other three were pretty solid, though, with no suckouts when all my chips were at risk. One of them was particularly notable, as luck came my way when short stacked with 285 chips. Went all in with KK...got two callers and it held up. Two hands later ended up all in with AA and it held up. Three hands went from 285 to 2200 and the chip lead. It's nice when the cards come your way (and hold up...and you get callers).

My second place finish was just desserts for my lucky first, as the player who beat me sucked out on me three times on the river...yes, three. I had him heads up with a 6500 to 3500 chip count and he calls my AK with an A7 and rivers a 7 to turn the tables. Puts me out when my two queens get rivered by a four flush (he had two nines). Still, second place is second place, and won't complain about any finish that increases my bankroll rather than depletes it.

So, 10 tourney's in and we have $110 invested, $250 won, 60% in the money and an ROI of 127%.

Not a bad start, but a long way to go still. See you after the next 10.


02-03-2004, 02:25 AM
Looks good so far. I love reading this type of post, so I hope you keep it up.

I'm 63% in the money at Party NL 10+1s for the year (also a small sample) with a lower ROI. I'm waiting to post mine until I hit 50, sometime in February since I'm on the Cris Brown two per day plan.


02-03-2004, 02:38 AM
Hiya CCC,

I'll second marty's comment. I like these posts also. I find them encouraging, both the victories and the mistakes.

Good job. /images/graemlins/smile.gif