View Full Version : Stud Tourney SNG's at Party

01-31-2004, 02:46 AM
Is anybody else having luck with the 7 Card Stud SNG's at Party? I don't know if I'm just running well or not, but I've only placed out of the money once in 10 tournaments now at the $10 and $30 levels. I don't think it's just running well, given the consistency.

When you do place, these tourneys aren't as profitable as the hold 'em, since there are only 8 people and they still pay to the top 3.

If for every ten you play, you're winning one, getting second in 3, and third in 3 - placing out of the money in 3 at the $30 level, you're up $150. They take about an hour to play, sometimes a little less or more, so that's $15 an hour if you can get that win rate.

So far, just using the most basic stud skills have gotten me into the money consistently - don't play too many hands, make sure your cards are live, etc. Also, a lot of the late-tourney plays that work in hold 'em also work in stud, like being aggressive on third street when you have big cards showing.

Anybody else have thoughts on these?